Month in Review: Monies Monies Monies

5 May

What up friends? April is over (thank goodness), and it’s time to look back on monies made and monies spent. Actually, let’s not look at the money we don’t have. It’s gone, gone like my favorite pair of expensive boots that ate pavement this month. RIP boots. You were awesome.


Again, April wasn’t the best month for me in terms of cold hard cash. My babysitting has not been in high demand, I guess since there’s no rad parties for parents to go to. He, however, has been working some awesome overtime, so he’s doing alright.

So, I just had a look at our handy income tracker Google doc, and I only added $85 bucks to my amount in April! Pathetic. Thankfully, GST refunds came in, so that counted. You know, I have no idea how GST income works. Is it like a tax refund, and the GST you spend comes back to you? Man, that’s so embarrassing. He is probably going to make fun of me a lot for that comment. Ohhh well.

I did make $4 (or rather, $3.98) in Frito-Lay coupons. I was at work about to eat a small bag of Ruffles All-Dressed chips, when I noticed that before I opened the bag, it was super light. Lighter than it should be – alarming light even. So I planned on writing a letter to the company in hopes they would send me a life-time supply of Ruffles All-Dressed chips. Our production guy at work even weighed the bag for me, which was super nice, and totally worth it, since it only weighed 14g and a normal bag is supposed to weight 28g. That’s half the g’s friends! So I mailed it in, and they sent me back two coupons for $1.99 each off Frito-Lay products. I can’t even use them together.

Anyways, back to the money. I’m currently at 29% of the $7,000 goal, while He is at 29% as well. If you go into three digits though, I’m winning. Actually, wait! I totally just remembered I got a small bonus at work for a client program yesterday! Redid the math and I’m sitting nice at 31.56%. Killer!



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