Thought Of The Day: Body Hair

10 May

Body hair is the weirdest thing. Seriously – give it a think for a little bit. We have it in super weird places on our body, and it’s all totally different!

Here are some questions about body hair:

1. Why is it thick in some places, but thin in others?
2. Why is some body hair smoothy smooth, and other hair coarse and gross?
3. Why do men have moustaches and beards, but not women?
4. Why do some women have beards and moustaches and not notice?
5. How does an eyebrow know when it’s long enough and to stop growing?
6. Why does body hair, like eyebrows, just grow one length for a really long time, and then at other times, like when you get old, grow longer than it used to?
7. What would people look like with no eyebrows?
8. What about no eyelashes?
9. Why is body hair different colours on different parts of the same people?
10. Can you run out of eyelashes?

For once, I actually have an answer to a question. I once asked a good friend of mine, John Palen, if he thought you could run out of eyelashes – if they fell out too much, could you one day have no eyelashes? John, being really old, even though he was in university, and also really cool and wise, told me this. He said that he thought eyelashes were kind of like eyebrows. They grow back, but only to a certain length. It really reassured me. Thanks John Palen, wherever you are.


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