Gelato in Corso Italia

11 May

So, you know when you first move out of your parent’s house and you still keep a ton of stuff there?  All your old trading cards, t-ball trophies, and half used pencils that you just have to keep.  It’s nice of your parents to let you store that stuff in their house.  I mean, they don’t really have to.  They could just drop them off at the curb and be rid of them, but they hold on to those things for you.  Those things whose only value is purely sentimental.  Well, about 8 months ago, my parents dropped off the only things left of mine that they still had in their house.  Just some boxes of stuff from my childhood, no big deal.  Most of it went either in our epic yard sale or to the Goodwill store that’s down the street.  But I have to say, the tables have turned.

My parents are moving.  Downsizing, really.  So, we’re kindly letting them store things in the His and Her basement.  There’s plenty of space down here and it’ll save them a lot of muss with us helping out.  So yes, I’m now storing my parents stuff in our basement.

Anyways, to pay us back for our gracious offer, my parents have pledged to take us out to supper and whatnot a few times.  So that’s nice.  The first of those times was last night.

My dad showed up with another car load of stuff, and then offered to take us out for gelato.  We could have easily gone down to Dutch Dreams (mere steps from our house and Toronto’s 2nd best ice cream parlor), but he wanted gelato.  So we went down St Clair a little bit and found a place in Corso Italia.  Novecento at 1228 St Clair West.  It was delicious.  Very nice decor and a great patio.  What a treat!

So, I guess the moral of the story is to be nice to your parents.  Because not only did they help you out when you were in similar circumstances, but they’ll also buy you things in return!


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