Babysitting – Not Just For Teens

15 May

Okay fellow readers – I’m about to get real explainy here. As we all know, I babysit. No, I’m not 12. But, a lot of people do ask me why I do it – why I dedicate hours outside of my well-paying, satisfying, and very full-time job, to caring for small, pooey little beings that on occasion, cry, throw-up, or poo.

Here is why:

  1. I like it. Babysitting is fun. My mom used to administrate child care centres, so I pretty much grew up in day care. After I was old enough to not need to go anymore, at around the age of 10 or 11, I began to help out after school or in the summer, and would watch kids in the infant or toddler room. I’m an only child, so I’ve never felt like I had to take care of kids or anything – it’s always been fun. Kids are hilarious (and pooey), and they keep me entertained.
  2. It’s super easy. Some people get freaked out with kids and think it’s a lot of work, but honestly, you’re just playing with them. Full-day gigs can be really, really tough, and a lot of work, but most babysitting jobs you’re just there for a few hours to play with the kids, get them ready for bed, and then you’re free to watch their cable TV, eat their grapes, and enjoy some time by yourself.
  3. Oh my goodness man, the money! Babysitting can pay between $15-$20 an hour, and because it’s not crazy difficult, you’re basically making additional pocket money to play with some really cool kids toys (honestly, they have some sweet stuff now), and hang out. You go home, and you also sometimes have some really good jokes to share, or some golden lines like this one, courtesy of the four-year old I watched Friday night: “If my bum was my head, I would have poo coming out my mouth.” Me: “Yes, but you don’t have poo in your mouth.” Kid: “No, but sometimes throw-up, and throw-up is brown.”

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