Thought of the Day: Short-forms of Names

20 May

Alright. Everyone seems to have a short-form of their name, whether their name is Alexander or Mo. What I find weird, is when short-forms have little to no resemblance of the original name itself.

The story of how I was named is slightly interesting – moreso if you’re my Grandma, less so if you’re reading this blog. My Dad is a huge Beatles fan, as previously mentioned. His first choice for a name? Prudence. But, as most names have a short-form, my Mom was concerned people would call me Prude. Thanks Mom – I appreciate you looking out for my coolness, even as a baby. Now, this was in the ‘80s, and my Dad I guess had recently seen the movie Ladyhawke. It’s a pretty bitchin’ movie (and stars Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfieffer), and he wanted to name me after a character – Isabeau. But, Mom again was concerned with the short-form potential – “Easy.” (I have since met a girl named Isabeau. People either called her Izzy, or Beau, both of which I really like. Thanks for nothing, Mom.) The third name possibility was Tear, but since my mom wasn’t as concerned with the short-form of that name as the nicknames, I’ll leave it for another blog post.

Back to short-forms. Here are the top ten weirdest shortforms I can think of, weird being that the short-form is often non-related to the actual full name:

  1. Edward – Teddy
  2. Alexander – Sandy
  3. Charlie – Chuck
  4. Barbara – Babs
  5. Robert – Bob
  6. Richard – Dick
  7. William – Bill
  8. Margaret – Peggy
  9. Henry – Hank
  10. James – Jim

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