Oh HI there!

10 Aug

Wow, it certainly has been awhile, hasn’t it?

Now, I don’t want to get your hopes all up and stuff, ‘cus this blog post is going to be very lonely, what with the last one being so far behind, and the next one surely being far ahead. But I just couldn’t help it. Our blog looked so sad and alone!

And really, it should be the opposite. We’ve been up to a buttload of stuff lately, hence our desire to blog about it lessened, as we had to be out DOING the stuff that we were hoping to blog about.

Anyways – here we are. We have some cool ideas for posts coming up, such as “Entries from my page-a-day diary” and “What search terms were used to find out blog in the months we didn’t write in it that are super weird.”

I TOLD you there were super cool!

But for now, dear readers, let me retire to sleep, which is what I was trying to do before I thought of our blog and how lonely it must be. Goodnight moon, goodnight blog – now, Go the F*** to Sleep.


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