Water, Water Everywhere – But Now I Have To Pee Every Hour

12 Jan

Always looking for a new activity to fill our work days, a few girls from work and I have decided to make a few goals to keep track of. Each day we successfully follow the rules, we get a colourful sticker! Oh, what fun.

My goals:

1. Drink five glasses of water each workday (blue sticker)

2. Work out (yellow sticker)

3. Take my vitamins (red sticker)

4. Eat a vegetable or a fruit (green sticker)


As of right now, I have three blue stickers, two yellow stickers (walking really fast counts), on red sticker and six green stickers. I’m actually surprised – I didn’t know I was doing that well with eating my veg.

There’s no prize for the gal with the most stickers, but if I’m doing really well, I will totally institute this rule.


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