Yo – You Wanna Save Some Dough?

12 Jan

I’m not sure if it’s the idea that things start over in January that gets people thinking about saving money, but there’s definitely something in the air. I’ve written several articles for She Does The City during the past few months about saving and making money, and it’s totally been on my brain. In fact, this past year has been really focused on paying off my debt and earning additional income.

By saving money and a few good strokes of luck, I’ve actually been able to pay off all my debt, start a Tax-Free Savings Account and start and RRSP within the past year. I’m still not sure what all those terms exactly mean, but it feels pretty good.

The best part has been that I’ve had people influencing me and helping me out along the way. He has always been pretty financially savvy, so that’s been a huge help. For Christmas He also bought me two fantastic books that I’m just plowing through – The Wealthy Barber and The Wealthy Barber Returns. Both books explain financial tips and tricks in common sense terms that even I can understand. Okay, except the section on wills and life insurance, but hey, you’ve always got to have a goal, right?

If you want to save some funds and grow your income as well, take a read of a few of my latest posts here and here.


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