Why Living Together Rules (And Being In A Couple Doesn’t Drool)

5 Jun

I recently read an article that spoke about how when you have kids, you change who you have friends with. Your single friends no longer want to hang out with you and you find yourself naturally drawn to couples parties and play dates. As one of the few in my circle of friends in a long-term relationship (since second year university, no less), I feel this pain. I still love all my single friends, of course – I’m a huge karaoke fan and love meeting strangers – but I do find myself not getting invited to Tuesday night bar nights. It just comes with the territory.

But, I refuse to feel sorry for myself. Though of course I long for the days where the most important thing was which hot stranger I was going to meet that night, there are lots of great things about being in a couple, and one living together at that. To remind myself of how wonderful it is when times get tough and I miss out on yet another 12-hour drinking fest, I’ve compiled a list of the pro’s of co-habitating with my sig-oth:

  1. Moving furniture, especially up and down stairs, is easier
  2. I make dinner, he does dishes
  3. I always have a pair of socks to borrow
  4. When I run out of shaving cream or deodorant, I can use his
  5. If a robber comes, he is sworn to protect me
  6. I have someone to blame
  7. I can tell everyone that the video games and junk food are his, not mine
  8. Getting jars open is easier
  9. The vast amount of empty wine bottles in the basement is (more) acceptable
  10. The top shelf in the cupboard is no longer unattainable
  11. I don’t have to taste-test the food in the fridge that might have gone bad, but might still be good
  12. BBQ-ing no longer requires calling my Dad
  13. Heavy lifting
  14. Splurging on fancy foods can now be rationalized by me doing something nice for him
  15. The blanket his mom made for him is really cozy

On another, less cheery day, I will compile my top list of reasons why living with someone else sucks, but for now, let’s bask in the good.


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