The Day After Players

9 Jun

The day after Queen’s Players inevitably means a hangover. And now that I’m getting older, it means an even worse one, even though I didn’t actually drink that much, looking back on it.

We had an awesome time – He ended coming after all, which was nice, and we met up with Shira, J-Rob and Rayce, all former Players themselves. It was great time – the show was really good, and I highly advise people to go check it out – it’s on next week too, and I’ll be going on Saturday night – as should you! For $20, it’s a good night out, and all the money goes to charity, which is pretty friggin awesome. And let’s us get away with shit.

Today I nursed my hangover and He went to a work BBQ in North York. North York! He brought back some BBQ though, so that was cool.

I did everything I could think of to rid myself of the hang, including the following:

  • drinking tea
  • drinking Coke
  • eating chocolate
  • eating meat
  • eating salty stuff (Fritos from Bulk Barn – 15% off on Wednesday’s if you kept your never-expires student card!)
  • sleeping
  • swimming in our pool
  • taking Tylenol

Nothing worked until I started cleaning the house at like, 10 p.m. Somehow that did it? Any other hangover remedies people have that I should have tried?


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