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Free Times = Good Times

7 Jun

Having never been to the Free Times Cafe before, we were pretty wowed. Okay, I take that back – He had been before, to see our friends the Free Whiskey String Band play, but he didn’t have any food or drink, so really, it doesn’t count.

We went tonight as we were walking home from Honest Ed’s, and started to get hungry. It looked good, it smelled good, so we had a seat. We decided to do our olde money-saving non-fatties trick of splitting a meal, and decided on an organic beef burger (meat straight from Kensington Market ya’ll) with an egg bun, sweet potato fries and a pitcher (okay, two) of Mill Street Organic.

The burger – yo, it was the best. It was all falling apart, just like I like it, and only having half totally filled us up. The fries were good, “really crispy!” like our hilarious waitress said, AND, He found a sweet deal on Yelp that entitled us to a free latke – my favourite! Even better, our waitress gave us TWO free latkes! It was the best.

Our friend Pat showed up once it started to rain, and we moved inside for another pitcher as they planned His bachelor party (oh yeah, we did tell you WE ARE GETTING MARRIED, right?).

Then we walked home, got a new nose piercing for me from Blu God, and figured out our garbage shoot.

If I said stuffing like, “Winning!” then tonight would totally be a Win.


Thursday on College

7 Jun


Freetimes Cafe. Not free beer though.

Go To: Beer Tastings on Sundays!

29 May

Hello blog-reader friends. What are you all up to on this beautiful Sunday afternoon?

If you’re in the city and stumped for ideas on how to get outside and enjoy this bout of sunshine (before it storms this evening, of course), we’ve got some great suggestions for you:

1) Wychwood Barns

The Wychwood Barns has been on our list of things to do for awhile now. They’ve got all kinds of things to do there, from farmer’s markets to country art, to beer tastings. Wait – beer tastings? What up! I forget how we first heard about this, but you can go to the Brewery Market‘s home page and check out what’s going on today.

This event is actually going on for the next 11 Sunday’s over at the Barns. The site says it best:

Each Brewery Market event will feature a single brewery.  At the event you will be able to try out some of their beers and meet the brewers in a casual and conversational setting.  There will be no admission fee – just stop by from 1pm – 5pm and grab a beer (buy drink tickets for what you’d like).  And while you’re here you can also purchase a fresh slice of wood-baked pizza made onsite by The Stop Community Food Centre.  Partial proceeds from the events will go towards The Stop’s innovative, hunger-fighting programs.”

Today they’re previewing Flying Monkeys beer – not my favorite, not by far, but I think it will be fun. It’s brewed in Barrie, and I like the local beer attitude, so we’ll check it out. You can check out the schedule of breweries here, so don’t miss your favorite brewery! This is a great initiative and way to get people down to the bars – props to whoever thought of it.

2) Free Whiskey @ Steam Whistle Brewery

You’d think we do the PR for Steam Whistle, the way we talk about it. But it’s not our fault they’re very involved in their community and often doing cool stuff. They just do.

Our friends and amazing bluegrass band Free Whiskey will be playing down at the brewery today at 3:00 p.m. Don’t believe their site – it says 11 p.m., but trust us, it’s 3, and you don’t want to show up late and miss them. We’ve raved about these guys before, and we’re likely to rave again.  They are honestly one of my favorite bands to listen to – they have such a fantastic, fun sound, and they’re super cute to watch. Listen to their music on their website for free, and trust me, you’ll be ordering a CD before long. They’re just starting their summer tour I think, and playing lots of shows out East too – so if you’ve got friends out there (I’m looking at alllll of His friends), go check them out. You won’t be sorry.

Go To: Nivea Pop-Up Store

27 Mar

The week before last I noticed the Toronto Metro was having these ads for Nivea telling you to keep them and keep your eyes peeled for the future. Well folks, the future is here, and it is smooth and creamy.

I highly advise you to head over to 361 Queen Street West. They’re giving away free samples like it’s their job, except that it is their job, and they should all get promotions because they’re doing it extremely well. The store is only there until April 5th so you had better go now. You actually don’t even need the newspaper cut out either.

He and I both went down today and get a buttload of free samples. Not just those ones that are a one-time use in the little packets either – retail sized stuff. It was intense. They were throwing them at us, it was totally awesome.

While you’re there, you can also get a free skin care analysis. Rather than just asking if you’re skin is dry vs. oily, this one they actually use face tool things and measure your skin’s hydration levels, oil levels, and take a really disgusting close-up of your skin that makes your baby face look more like a planet up close.

You can also check out the retro Nivea posters and cases the creams used to come in. It’s funny, you take a product like face cream or whatever, and it’s not all that interesting, but when you add in all the retro stuff and check out the history, it gets more interesting than face cream should.

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Go check it out!

Go To: #TwestivalTO

24 Mar

What up! #TwestivalTO is tonight friends!

If you’re not sure what it is, check out this link. Basically, Twestival’s are huge Twitter meet-ups with people from around the world. There’s one going on in Toronto tonight (@TwestivalTO), and my friend Michelle (@MichelleDias) is helping out, which I think is great. She actually got our work involved as a corporate sponsor, which is fantastic.

There’s a lot going on – a QR Code pirate treasure challenge thing (totally bummed, as my phone doesn’t recognize those – thanks for nothing Telus), lots of networking, and of course, a Twidol Karaoke contest that I have every intention of winning.

The whole thing is for a good cause, with tickets sales and donations going towards the Remix Project.

So come check it out, tweet a lot, and don’t forget to hashtag. You’ll meet lots of other people there, and if you’re looking for me (@shann_mitchell), I’ll be belting out tunes on the karaoke and hugging my trophy.

Go To: P.J. O’Brien’s, a stellar Irish pub in downtown Toronto

2 Feb

We just got back from P.J. O’Brien‘s for supper.  Great place. The food was the best that I’ve ever had at an Irish pub. Beer and whiskey selection was good.  Waitresses had Irish accents (no kilts).  Just a great place. As BlogTO said, “…older crisply dressed Irish gentlemen almost always to be found sharing a story or a joke somewhere in the place, this is as Irish a pub as it gets. Period.”  And, you know, I’d have to agree with him.

Check it out if you’re at Yonge and King (the pub is located one block south of King and two blocks east of Yonge).

As a side note, Him and Her are going to try to hit up each of the Irish pub’s in BlogTO’s list of “The Best Irish Pubs in Toronto.” So far we’ve been to 5, and He thinks it’s safe to say that Mr. O’Brien’s is the most authentic…well, except that having really good food might compromise it’s legitimacy as a REAL Irish pub!

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