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Yard Sale Party = Success

8 May

It’s over! Our Yard Sale Party took place yesterday and it was a slamming success. Here’s how it went:

7:30: Wake up, decide against showering as we’re way too tired, make tea, and start hauling stuff outside into the sunny, but cold morning air

7:45: Our neighbour comes over, and asks immediately about the camera. The camera that BFF had actually told me she’d like to buy, but I put on the signs anyway, thinking it would draw a bigger crowd.

7:50: Our neighbour is a swindler. He bargains with me on some of my American Apparel clothes for his teenaged daughter. She comes over and borrows them to go try them on. They fit, they buy, it’s great. he also buys BFF old camera, and some items from our 50 cents bin. First $25 is made.

8:30: Other neighbour comes over from across the road. We end up meeting about four or five different neighbours, which is really great. They all talk to us about how badly we need to go visit the Wychwood Barns. We will, we promise. They also have  a Facebook group, which we were invited to join.

8:35: We get hungry. He treks down to Tim Horton’s to grab us all breakfast, which is really nice. We get chocolate milk, and it’s awesome.

9:23: A little neighbour kid comes over and is gaga over the Salt N’ Pepper shakers. He says he’s been wanting these forever.

9:55: A couple comes over who just moved in across the other side of St. Clair yesterday. They have two really cute little boys, about 2.5 years and 2 months. I tell them I babysit and she gets my number. $weet. She also buys a bunch of my clothes.

10:12: We crank the tunes.

10:30: We realize how early we woke up and recognize that any other Saturday, we would just be waking up now.

11:24: I sell my stereo speakers to a really nice old man who chats with us for about 15 minutes.

1:25: A friend of mine from Humber drops by, a friend of His from high school, and a friend of mine from Queen’s. Great stuff.

2:00: We decide to fold up shop and take the rest of the stuff to the Goodwill down the street.

And that was that. very successful day. Combined, BFF and I made over $300. Then she gave Him and I massages which was pretty cool. She’s actually really good, and charges way less than the Dove Spa I normally go to. And it’s 90 per cent deductible on both our health plans, so it’s all plus-plus.

Here’s what sold that I can remember:

  • Stereo speakes
  • About 50 per cent of all my clothes – SO HAPPY
  • CD’s
  • Baseball cards (kids loved those damn things)
  • Books
  • 50 cent junk treasures
  • Purses
  • Scarves
  • Expresso machine
  • Expensive rainboots
  • Earring frames
  • DVD’s
  • Salt and Pepper shakers

Yard Sale Party!

6 May

Whoop whoop! It’s Friday! I know – I’m thrilled too. It’s been a bit of a crazy week at work, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Oh WAIT. I can’t sleep in… we’re having our garage sale tomorrow.

 Yard Sale Party!

 That’s right – we’re getting rid of all the junk we used to want but no longer want and now want money instead of it. Actually, I think it’s going to be totally fun, as long as the weather is nice to us.

Here is why it will be fun for me:

1)      BFF is coming up tonight to help out tomorrow and sell some shiz

2)      I really like haggling over prices

3)      We can meet some of our neighbours

4)      It’s something out of the norm

More importantly, here is why it will be fun for you:

1)      We will have happening tunes playing for your enjoyment

2)      We’ll be selling bevies for your refreshment

3)      BFF is a registered massage therapist, and you can get a massage after your shop that is deductible on most health plans

4)      We have some great stuff that we don’t want, but maybe you do

Here are some of the really cool things we are selling:

1)      A TV once owned by our good friend Andrew Botros. It works great, we just don’t need it

2)      A brand-new camera that we bought right before we won one from Virgin Radio. It’s a Nikon CoolPix and is really good quality

3)      Some un-worn American Apparel clothes from when I worked there that I bought and never wore

4)      Two HP printers, one used, one still in it’s original packaging, unwrapped

5)      Awesome stereo speakers

6)      Books, cds, dvds, X-Box games, all kinds of good stuff!

7)      Hand-made earring frames

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll be live tweeting the event with the hashtag #yardsale party from @mulliganl and @shann_mitchell because isn’t that what everyone does these days? So come one, come all, to ourplace tomorrow anytime after 8 a.m. We’ll be there.

Meet Our Friends: Doggo

23 Apr

Doggo is the best friend a girl or boy could have. Thoughtful, smart, and always ready to dance,  he’s there whenever you need him, whether it’s a kind word, a paw to high-five, or just a hula skirt to cry on.

Doggo was my gift to BFF when she first got her car, a Ford Tempo lovingly dubbed The Temponator. Doggo was around through thick and thin all through high-school and even university. Doggo went through some tough times, like when his hula skirt fell off, and when he came apart because his spring was broken, but BFF has always taken great care of him and I’m happy to say he’s now back in one piece, right where he belongs. Although the Temponator has reached its rusty grave, Doggo lives on in Boppa6, BFF’s new car.

1. How did you get your unique name, Doggo?

Well Her, I believe you were actually there, with my owner, the day of my naming. A really great U2 song came on and you all added an O to the ends of your short form name… example: Racho, Kato, Micho, Shanno… I didn’t have a name yet so the O was added to Dog, and thus, I became Doggo! 

2. Where is the most exciting place you’ve ever been?

I have been many places… all fairly close to home. But I think the most exciting was the road to Honey Harbour… boy oh boy I thought we were going to be in the ditch so many times! Less exciting, more… thrilling! 

3. What is your favorite memory of The Temponator, Rachel’s old car?

The best memory of the Temponator would possibly be… in Waterloo. Rachel was driving to work one day and a mouse climbed up out of the vents in the hood and cruised along the windshield! Man I wanted to catch that mouse so bad!!!

4. If there is one place you could go, where would it be?

If I could go anywhere it would be a road trip across Canada and the United States… so much to see! Just boppin’ along in hot hot sun! Living the dream..

5. If you had one piece of advice for Him and Her, what would it be?

Some advice for Him and Her is never buy a fake grass skirt. They are so cheap and fall apart! You gotta get a genuine grass skirt if you want it to last! And always wear SPF! 

Doggo, Doggo, Doggo… we can’t thank you enough for your sage words of wisdom. You truly are man’s best friend.

Painting The Town Red Wine

5 Apr

I’d like to take a minute to dedicate this post to all the people I’ve ever fallen asleep on while out at a party. To all the people who I told I was “just going home to change first” before heading out to a bar, and then turned off my phone and fallen asleep on. To all the haters who said I’d never make it out past 10:30 p.m.

This posts for you.

This is Him and I. On a roof. At Bathurst and Bloor. AFTER MIDNIGHT ON  FRIDAY.

All week we’ve been trying to make more of an effort to hang with people. He and I have more friends than we know what to do with, and we realized that if you don’t use ’em, you lose ’em.

Mid-week we hit up our friend Shira’s steam room in her condo with La Mode Au Naturelle and DJ Poppin’ Fresh for some steamin’ and wine drinking.

Friday we had even bigger plans. My friend Laura came over and we rambled about better days gone by aka drinking Baby Duck in hotel room on a P&CC managers getaway and taking pictures like these:

From there we headed down to our friend Whitlow’s abode for some partying, first making a stop at the Wine Rack because I forgot the bag sitting on the chair in the hall that contained everything we wanted to bring. The guy there was super helpful though. Thanks for showing us the cheapest, biggest possible bottle to get – and cold to boot!

We all chilled and some more good friends visited soon. It was odd – one of Whitlow’s roomates looks a lot like Him. So much so that His first memory of the two of us is actually a memory that I thought took place with the lookalike dude. Crazy. They were sitting next to each other all night – it’s a good thing I didn’t get confused. That could have ended badly. Or, like a great TV show episode!

We went up this shifty (literally) ladder to the room and had an amazing view of the city. Bathurst and Bloor is hopping at night and we could see so much of this city – it was killer.

Saturday. Couples Dinner Party time – what what! The BFF and BF came up, laden with presents of moose meat and maple syrup. It was awesome! We had some lunch and then the boys did errands and the girls be shopping. Down to Kensington and all around time, making a point to stop at Bath & Body Works to scam some buy-3-get-3 body washes. I love that stuff! (If you go, and check out your receipt, make sure you call the number and answer the survey – it honestly takes two minutes and you don’t even have to talk to someone over the phone – it’s all automated. You get a code for $10 off your next purchase of $30 – pretty sweet deal.)

Anyways, during the day, both couples called to cancel on us. Seriously? Luckily it all worked out and my Co-worker and Liam’s friend came, and one of the original couples (an old roomate of His) + friend came. We had a great time. Lots of shiskabobs, lots of veg (even me), lots of wine, and lots of Apples to Apples, the best game made in the last few years. Fun night.

Exploring The ‘Hood

3 Apr

This afternoon we’re far too tired to write a decent blog post. However, with the BFF and her BF, we did decide to get out of the house and do a walking tour of the reservoir near our house. We had a great walk through the mud and saw some amazing houses. I love looking at houses… here are some of the interesting photos our BlackBerry’s provided us with!

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My 1True Love

1 Mar

Well people, your prayers have been answered.

I’ve made greeting cards – or as I’ll call them – GrEating Cards

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been making these photos for about two years now and have an album on Facebook, which is near and dear to my heart. A few people have suggested turning them intro greeting cards, and while I worked at the P&CC at Queen’s, I actually made them into little trashbooks (books with one-sided paper that has been recycled) and sold them.

I figured, well, why not.

So here they are folks. They’re a little bigger than your average photo, and made with white cardstock, with coloured cardstock on the back and inside cover. I’ll sell them in packs of 5, 10, or individually, and with a random grouping of photos, or, you can pick your own.$4 each or a pack of 5 for $15.

The BFF and I are setting up an Etsy shop here where we’ll be selling them, and more of our crafty talents, as soon as we actually get to work, so check back in a week or so. Or, if you really can’t wait, you can buy them from me now. I don’t mind.


Guest Blog – A day in the life

20 Feb

by: His brother and His brother’s girlfriend

Salutations and a good day to you, readers of His, Hers, and Theirs. Seeing as Him and Her are on vacation this week you are momentarily stuck with His Bro and his GF as your posters. This is unfortunate as the GF and I are not exactly what you would call “yuppies.” This is mainly due to our unfortunate choices in degree programs (stay away from a BA, seriously) and to our apartment building recently becoming uninhabitable.

Nothing says “underachiever” quite like moving back in with your parents.

But enough background; what you want is THE HAPS (as all you hip and urbane youth call it). So, without further ado, here is a rundown of our day:

We ate breakfast prepared and served by the GF’s mom. Apparently there is an upside to moving in with you mother-in-sin. (Since she is not technically my mother-in-law, “mother-in-sin” is the only logical nomenclature. Though it does sound suspiciously like a porn title…)

We played board games with the GF’s parents. Ironically, we played The Yuppie Game. It’s just like Monopoly, except instead of money, you are pursuing—well, also money, but ALSO just the right possessions and lifestyle to qualify you as truly worthy of the Yuppie title. Even more ironically, we quit the Yuppie Game before anyone won. Yes, we gave up on yuppiedom even outside of real life.

We then ate dinner prepared and served by the GF’s mom. It was at this point that the GF and I remembered that we had promised to do a guest blog post for Him and Her. After some minor quibbling over the topic, we quickly realized that we needed to do something exciting to cap the day off, something that would provide us with the fascinating material with which to dazzle and entertain the readers of His, Hers, and Theirs.

We did laundry.

I’m sorry, dear readers, truly I am. Perhaps in the distant future we will do something of interest. Until that time, keep hoping Him and Her arrive back safe, sound, and fast. For your sakes, hope it’s fast.

Guest Blog: Long Distance – Worth It?

18 Feb

Another fine, fine guest blogger post from none other than the BFF herself! You’ll find her featured in such posts as this one and this one.

My boyfriend and I live in different cities and have never lived closer than 2 hours away. When we first started seeing each other I wasn’t sure how we would end up… I tried long distance before and hated it! We have learned to make it work as we have now been together for almost a year!

And an awesome year it has been! There are ways to enjoy and take advantage of the time you are apart until you are ready to move on in together.

Let’s throw some positive spins on what can be construed as a shitty situation.
1. You can be the girl with the new boyfriend without being MIA from all your girlfriends! Your girlfriends won’t hate the dude for taking up all your time and will love him before they meet him because of all your fabulous stories about him.
2. You get a mini vacation every time you go to see him. escape your annoying roommates, check out the nightlife in a new town, and get treated like a princess for the weekend (if you picked the right guy).
3. You can meet halfway for dinner midweek… let me tell you, when you know your time is limited you make the most of it and can’t help feeling that giddy feeling you get after a great first date. Find a private spot to park and you will be smiling all the way home…

So you can see that there are perks to that nasty long distance relationship we have little faith in. Focus on these perks and your long distance relationship will become a long lasting one.

The End

Someplace Hot Starting With “C”: CUBA!

30 Jan

Oh, dear readers of this blog, you may now sleep easy at night, resume your regular eating habits and stop gnawing those fingernails… we have found a vacation.

That’s right – we’re off to Cuba! We’ve been waiting not-very-patiently for some time now, checking travel sites on the regular, and Friday – we found it.

Of course, nothing is as easy as it looks. Friday, He called me at work and said he had found the perfect deal – the resort we wanted, the price we wanted (under $800), the only hitch was it was a week sooner than we anticipated. Well, we decided to give it a shot! I called the travel agent and off we went.

Then she called me back.

Yeah, as soon as she entered in our info, the price jumped by about $400. Awesome! But were we interested in leaving the day before, for only $60 more than we originally planned? Yes. Yes we were.

Plus – it will be Valentine’s Day. SUPER ROMANTIC.

Although some things aren’t as we originally planned (as of this moment, it’s just the two of us, rather than a few friends, which is less than ideal), we’re pretty pumped. We’ve been checking out websites and travel reviews, and also Google-imaging a lot of pictures. As this is our first vacation down south – any and all travel tips are more than welcome!

Last night we had a raucous evening of beer and Scattergories. Man, those two things are fantastic. My BFF was up with her BF and a few other friends dropped by as well. It was my BFF’s birthday a few weeks ago, so we decided to celebrate with a night in.

Shit got crazy – I haven’t laughed that hard in a little while. The BFF’s BF at one point got the letter mixed up, so the entire round we were all answering with our “A” words, but his were all “C”. Hilarious, I know! People had some good answers, and some terrible answers. I only like terrible answers when they’re funny, and I’m a very harsh critic. Unfortunately, it was all directed to one dude.  But honestly, if you can’t take the heat, then put down some answers that actually make sense. Mad Men is not an office item.

When the stragglers were heading home, He the the BFF’s BF headed to a local pub instead. Inaccurately titled “Wise Guys,” this encouraged the BFF’s BF to wear straw hats straight from hipster street to this mangy pub. I’m surprised the boys came home with all their teeth.

Excellent night all in all though. Culminating in this morning trying to decide on breakfast items that begin with the letter “P”?


The Last of 2010

2 Jan

We’ve taken a blogging hiatus over the holidays, and for that, we don’t apologize. It’s been great trying to spend as little time on the internet as possible (though still on the computer – how else would we play Diablo dummies?). We haven’t done very much either, which has been fantastic.

Christmas was fantastic. It all went very well, with only about four “when’s the wedding” kind of comments. Not bad!

Christmas morning we woke up to the most presents we’ve ever had. Granted, there were five of us there, but still. It was great.

We both did very well for ourselves. We got a lot of gifts “for the house,” but still walked away with a great haul. Some stand out gifts were a book of Andy Griffith trivia, Penguin classics books, an Asian food dish set, new blender, and new firelogs! The Olds were also pleased – Dad really liked the Montreal Canadians toque I gave him and Mom loved her Dove Spa gift certificate. Grandma cried when He gave her the book on the Navy.

Christmas at home passed all too quickly. It didn’t help that I had to drive into the city to work on Boxing Day, but that went well regardless, and didn’t take long! It was successful at least, so I’m happy!

We passed the rest of the break there without too much notice. We drove to see my BFF and her BF and had a great dinner with them. Her man is a Mennonite and for dinner we ate moose that he and a friend had killed. Very cool. It was also extremely delicious. For dessert she made us this crazy contraption in wine glasses – whipped cream, chocolate pudding, bananas, raspberries and Smarties on top! It was awesome.

My Olds had friends over the next night, who have a son in grade 12 and then a 5 year old. He and I took the 5 year old up to play with the Wii Fit my mom got, and it was really cute. He at first sat really far away from Him on the couch, but then by the end was pressed up right next to Him – adorable. The older son brought his guitar and amp and played for us – he’s quite good. My mom convinced me (along with Queen Elizabeth’s help [that reference doesn’t go over as well as the American money]) to sing Sweet Child O’ Mine while he played. I never did receive the cash though…

We came back to the city and basically lazed around. We did get ourselves down to Queen Street one afternoon though, hunting for records and making a few Christmas returns. We stopped into a few pawn shops as well – one of my gifts from Him was some money to a) a vacation this year b) jewelry c) student loans. No luck though, and I think I’m going to go with the vacation!

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday and break doing whatever they like best. More to come about New Year’s Eve !

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