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Thank you for your thank you note

6 Apr
A thank you note is very important to some people.  When someone thinks so highly of you that they give you a present (birthday or otherwise), showing appreciation is an important thing and when in the form of writing can be invaluable.  Remember, a lot of older folks appreciate the written (cursive, please) word more than a phone call or email.  It might have something to do with growing up when paper didn’t grown on trees.
Anyways, I have a little secret that might help you with thank you note writing in the future: Postcards.
Seriously, use post cards.  Lots of places give them away for free (charities, business, etc.) and they’re just the right size to get your thank you out and on paper without feeling obligated to drone on and on about the new job or how well the kids are doing in their extra-curriculars.  I’ve become known in my family as the one who you can expect a prompt thank you note from after giving a gift.  And it’s always on a postcard.  Some of my relatives even mail me blank postcards by the dozen.  So I don’t even have to go out and find free ones anymore (you should be to easily enough through Google) because the postcards come to me.  This makes it funny as most of the postcards I send out are of places and things that I’ve never visited!
So, how do you write a thank you note?  There is a proper way to do it.  Learn it.  Know it.  Live it.
  1. Say thank you for the specific gift in the first two sentences.  (“Dear Gammy, How are you?  Thank you so much for that ceramic pig holding a sign that says ‘honk if you like bacon’ decoration.”)
  2. Say what you’re going to be using the gift for immediately after the thank you sentence.  (“It will look so lovely next to my knock-off samurai sword collection.”)
  3. As you should be running out of room at this point (depending on how large your writing is), succinctly recap what you’ve been up to lately. (“Work is great.  Pets are cute.  Significant other keeps telling me that I don’t listen or something like that.”)
  4. End the body by giving well wishes. (“I hope everything is going well out there past the end of the GO train line.”)
  5. Sign it.  (“Love, Him”)
Easy enough, yet meaningful.  Be a good person a write your thank you notes!

Holiday cards

13 Dec

Nothing like receiving your own holiday cards!

For years, I always loved opening the Christmas cards we received at home. When I moved out for university, my parents would always save me a couple to open.

This year, He and I sent out our own for the first time. We bought cheap Dollar Store cards, added in some fancy stamp work courtesy of moi, and on His suggestion, even included a write-up of what we’ve been up to for the past year.

Now we have a total of four holiday cards – very exciting stuff! Do you want to send us one? We want you to!

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