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Bringing Us Back Home

15 Jan

Seems like Mother Nature knew we would be stuck in Toronto this winter.

With Him spending His formative years in New Brunswick winters, and me spending all my life growing up where the snow is piled up higher than me (and other, average height-ed people), we weren’t expecting much this year in Toronto.

We also spent out university time in Kingston, which, with Lake Ontario by her side, can also boast an impressive snow fall and several mornings where the wind off the lake is enough to keep you warmly stationed inside your dorm room, drinking tea and watching the squall from safe inside your room.

But this year, our first together in Toronto, Mother Nature did us a favour. Perhaps knowing that He wouldn’t get to travel to the East coast at all, and my time home would also be restrained, she decided to bring our past winters to us.

I’m sure I owe lots of you apologies for this, as many people are less than impressed with the inches upon inches of snow we’ve been receiving. And sure, there are moments when I wish it would disappear so I could feel eager to head out in the evening, instead of choosing to read by the fire and watch the white snowflakes against the dark sky. And okay, yes, I would like it to stay daylight past 5:00 p.m.

But I love the snow. I love that we get changing seasons in Canada, that we can have scorching summers and weather like this, all in the same year. I’m not normally a fan of change, but I could never imagine living somewhere permanently where there is only one season all year round. It’s always something to look forward to – in the winter, we yearn for sunny days and warm air kissing our skin, in the the late September weeks, we begin to think about the holidays and become eager for that first real snowfall.

As a fair lover of the winter months Himself, His first Christmas gift to me was actually snow (though I doubt He remembers).

So thanks Nature – for forcing us all to sit today out, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy what you can do.


The Last of 2010

2 Jan

We’ve taken a blogging hiatus over the holidays, and for that, we don’t apologize. It’s been great trying to spend as little time on the internet as possible (though still on the computer – how else would we play Diablo dummies?). We haven’t done very much either, which has been fantastic.

Christmas was fantastic. It all went very well, with only about four “when’s the wedding” kind of comments. Not bad!

Christmas morning we woke up to the most presents we’ve ever had. Granted, there were five of us there, but still. It was great.

We both did very well for ourselves. We got a lot of gifts “for the house,” but still walked away with a great haul. Some stand out gifts were a book of Andy Griffith trivia, Penguin classics books, an Asian food dish set, new blender, and new firelogs! The Olds were also pleased – Dad really liked the Montreal Canadians toque I gave him and Mom loved her Dove Spa gift certificate. Grandma cried when He gave her the book on the Navy.

Christmas at home passed all too quickly. It didn’t help that I had to drive into the city to work on Boxing Day, but that went well regardless, and didn’t take long! It was successful at least, so I’m happy!

We passed the rest of the break there without too much notice. We drove to see my BFF and her BF and had a great dinner with them. Her man is a Mennonite and for dinner we ate moose that he and a friend had killed. Very cool. It was also extremely delicious. For dessert she made us this crazy contraption in wine glasses – whipped cream, chocolate pudding, bananas, raspberries and Smarties on top! It was awesome.

My Olds had friends over the next night, who have a son in grade 12 and then a 5 year old. He and I took the 5 year old up to play with the Wii Fit my mom got, and it was really cute. He at first sat really far away from Him on the couch, but then by the end was pressed up right next to Him – adorable. The older son brought his guitar and amp and played for us – he’s quite good. My mom convinced me (along with Queen Elizabeth’s help [that reference doesn’t go over as well as the American money]) to sing Sweet Child O’ Mine while he played. I never did receive the cash though…

We came back to the city and basically lazed around. We did get ourselves down to Queen Street one afternoon though, hunting for records and making a few Christmas returns. We stopped into a few pawn shops as well – one of my gifts from Him was some money to a) a vacation this year b) jewelry c) student loans. No luck though, and I think I’m going to go with the vacation!

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday and break doing whatever they like best. More to come about New Year’s Eve !

Christmas Time Is Almost Here!

23 Dec

December has definitely got to be one of, if not the, craziest months. There are a million things to do.

One thing is packing up the presents to take home – and sometimes in the process, you find two little tiny gift bags JUST FOR YOU! He was totally sneaky and I didn’t know they were there beneath the pile of presents. But I see them now, and I cannot wait to open them in just two mornings times.

In case we didn’t mention before, He is spending Christmas with my family this year – a first. I’m incredibly excited, not just because we get to spend this holiday together, but also because I think Christmas at my house is the best. I love our traditions, I love our decorations, and as an only child, I’m pretty pumped to spend the morning with someone who is under the age of 40.

What it does mean though, is a blending of holiday traditions – something I don’t know if I’m ready for.

Her Traditions:

  • Watching A Christmas Story (aka best movie of all time) and the Alastair Sim version of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve (although apparently that’s not doable this year, as we own A Christmas Carol on VHS only and my parents broke the VCR)
  • Waking up to tea and biscuits – no breakfast until those presents are toast baby!
  • Never uttering that Santa Claus *may* not be real. It pays to be a believer

His Traditions:

  • Waking up, stockings, breakfast, THEN presents (I know, I know – how can you eat when there are presents?!)
  • The first one to find the Christmas Pickle on the tree wins a prize from Dad

Actually, that Christmas Pickle idea I could totally get behind. Last year His Dad forgot to put it out, and He found it where it’s kept and earned $20! He’s the reigning 3 Time Christmas Pickle Champion – but not this year.

We’ll be skyping in after my families Christmas to open our presents from His side with them online.

Christmas! Yeah yeah!

Advent #8, #9, #10, #11, #13, #14, #15, #16, but not #12

16 Dec

I had meant to update this with the advent surprises the entire way along, but it’s clearly far too easy to get side-tracked.

I’m sure that these entries are far more exciting when they’re accompanied by photos, but alas, the last several days just aren’t really picture quality. But that doesn’t mean they’re not awesome!

Day 8 was a gift from Him to me. It was a tiny frog. This little frog was lucky enough to fit in the match boxes, which few of our gifts these days do. He now sits at my desk under my computer screen and reminds me that one day I’ll croak, but until then, I’d better just keep working because time flies by. (“Croak” is totally a frog joke, but “flies” is as well, because frogs eat flies. Heyo!)

Day 9 was some lovely red bulbs for our tree for Him, courtesy of me and Ikea. If I was ever to leave Him, it would totally be for Ikea.

Day 10 was and is kind of a mystery. The gift itself was four Lindor chocolates. Great! I love Lindor chocolates. However, they were wrapped not only in colourful foil, but in mystery. Here are the questions I have that He refuses to answer:

  • Aren’t there five chocolates in the Lindor packs? Can anyone else verify this?
  • When did he go to Swiss Chalet and get a festive special?
  • I later found another Swiss Chalet coupon clearly ripped from the box the Lindor’s came in – he told me someone else gave that coupon to him – who was it?

I love nothing but a good mystery however, and anyone who knows me well will know that I am an excellent Detective, and that I’m on the case. Updates to follow.

Day 11 from me to Him brought a mini bottle of gin. I think gin is disgusting and tastes like a pine tree, so hopefully he will enjoy this all by himself.

Day 12 neither of us can remember what I received. Another mystery – though this one I’m less sure of solving…

Day 13 brought more decorations for our tree (courtesy of my boyfriend, Ikea), as well as a few for around the house. We’ve pretty much ran out of room on the tree by now – next year we’ll have to get two!

Day 14 was a fun one. We’d been talking lately about getting out to see the Second City show – Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes. I thought it was just one of those things we talked about, but that morning were two promised tickets for us!

We went to see the show and on a great Date Night, which we’ll post later. The show was fantastic and very funny – we def recommend.

Day 15 was sort of a bust. That morning I had to be at work for an interview at 6:30 a.m. – so there was no way we were getting to the advent that morning. Over dinner I found out that He had bought himself a bunch of soap that day (and without using my Optimum card – not impressed. It was even 10 times the points!). Well, turns out we should have opened the advent that morning – He got soap.

Day 16 – today! Finally! I received a mini of Smirnoff vodka, which I’m sure will nicely round out the gin I got him.

Holiday cards

13 Dec

Nothing like receiving your own holiday cards!

For years, I always loved opening the Christmas cards we received at home. When I moved out for university, my parents would always save me a couple to open.

This year, He and I sent out our own for the first time. We bought cheap Dollar Store cards, added in some fancy stamp work courtesy of moi, and on His suggestion, even included a write-up of what we’ve been up to for the past year.

Now we have a total of four holiday cards – very exciting stuff! Do you want to send us one? We want you to!

Advent #5, #6, #7 and on and on and on…

10 Dec

Wow, things have certainly got ahead of us. I think this is just how things go in the month of December. Not only does work pick up, but our social lives do too. It seems like every night there’s something we have to do, something we want to do, and about four things we can’t do.

December 5th was a lovely relaxing Sunday. I think I babysat, but honestly, I can’t even remember. What a crazy weekend…

We, of course, did still do our Advent Calendar though! He  received some lovely red felt decorations for our holiday tree if I remember correctly. I’ll throw a photo in of our tree now that we have some cute gifts underneath.

Something funny: He was adding today’s decoration to the tree when he knocked a gift over. “What was that?” he asked himself, so I could overhear. “Oh, it was just a book.” He had knocked a gift for me over though, so now I know I received a book. Heyo! I hope it’s one of these.

Anyway, the morning of the, what are we at now, the 6th? rolls around. It’s my day off! I was thrilled. I started off the morning with an unpleasantly invasive doctors appointment. It was on College Street though, and that part’s fun. It’s always interesting to head down there. Following that, I met Him for lunch at His work. It was kind of nice and made up for my awkward morning.

After lunchy, I headed to a massage appoint at the Dove Spa. So nice. The last time I was there for a massage the guy talked too much and kept telling me that I had dancer’s legs. Super awkward. This time though, my masseuse, Yvonne, was awesome. It was a Swedish massage, which I’ve never had before, but enjoyed. My muscles are crazy messed up in my shoulders and back, so it always feels nice.

Afterwards, instead of heading home like I mostly wanted, I braved the downtown core again and grabbed some holiday gifts I needed to get (okay, and a sweater for myself).

Oh, and the Advent! That morning, let’s see – I think I received this cute St. Clair West pin. He and I had been looking everywhere for them and couldn’t find them – but apparently He did! What a sneak.

Back to work on Tuesday, ho hum. Turns out it was the last day of one of my colleagues, one I’m pretty close with, so that was sad. She was such a great person (IS a great person, she does still exist) and I really enjoyed working with her. I know she’ll do great though and will be happier, so I can’t wait to keep in touch and see what she ends up doing! We went for drinks after work with a few people and I came home kind of in the bag and He and I played Diablo II until we fell asleep. It was awesome.

Wednesday was a very busy day. After my co-worker leaving though, it did make me really think twice about my job. I love it. I love what I do, I love our clients, I love my co-workers. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for her, and I can see a few reasons why, but I do think it’s a great fit for me and this week I’ve been made to feel like I’m doing a good job, which is always nice, and especially nice in a job that you want to really do your best at.

Wednesday’s advent featured some yummy nummy Lindt chocolates. I kept teasing Him that he must have eaten a Festive Special sometime recently, but He won’t own up to it. We’ll see. We headed to the Gap to use the second last of these sweet 40 per cent off coupons I had. I had about five of them, and turns out I can never find anything I like – but He ends up getting great deals week after week. Figures.

Thursday was another crazy but good day. This morning I gave Him some razors. Not the most thrilling Advent, but damn those things are expensive! I would be happy to find $17 in the calendar, so I’m assuming He was happy to find those razors. I had minor surgery that morning which was, again, totally unpleasant. I won’t go into details, but I bet you it was just as fun for the dr. as it was for me.

That evening was my work’s holiday party at the Capital Event Theatre. It was killer! Our name was on the marquee when we arrived and the drinks were flowing. Dinner was great, the door prizes were fab, and the company was even better. The DJ’s however, sucked! We were all putting in a few requests, nothing super crazy, so I asked for some Styx – Come Sail Away. Kind of fun at an office holiday party. The DJ made a face, so I said okay, or Mr. Roboto, whatever. Well, they did end up playing it and at first it was awesome – as the only person who knew the words, I was killing it! Dancing and singing, it was like I WAS Mr. Roboto… until they cut me off! Before the first chorus one of the DJ’s came on the mike and said “These are your requests so you’d better start dancing.” What? Then they went into a different song… super weird and no one was impressed. The night still killed though and reassured my earlier thoughts this week that this is the place for me.

TODAY – finally! This morning I got this cute High Five pin. Not only is it cute (and we can pretend the squirrels are ratties dressed up as squirrels), but it was reminiscent of my recent award at work for hard work – we call them High Fives. Super cute.

Work today was all over the place – ups and downs. I did get to travel with our client Virgin Mobile’s Hot Santa to a location – and let me tell you – if you haven’t seen Hot Santa and his gang, I suggest you get out in Toronto and take a look. Follow their Twitter and you’ll find them – totally worth it, trust me!

Got home from work to our third Christmas card this season – the first being from my grandma, the second from my aunt, and today’s from my parents. I also received a letter from my friend Rob in England – such a joy! He writes a hilarious letter that man does, and it makes me miss him. He’s totally one of those dudes that just, I don’t know, he’s always on and he’s the kind of person you always want to be around and everyone likes. It was a great surprise!

That’s all for now folks – we promise not to wait so long for an update next time!

(On a side note – I keep my camera in the drawer with the extra candles, and damn it smells good!)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

4 Dec

Today He and I volunteered at my work’s holiday party. It was such a great time – surprising, as we don’t have any kids.

We were Santa for the morning, taking pictures of the kids on his lap and handing them their presents (they got some seriously excellent swag this year).

Santa was amazing! This guy takes his job super seriously. He knows all the kids trends and new toys that I’ve never even heard of – Zuzu Pets, Star Wars Lego, the names of Bob the Builder’s trucks… I was very impressed. I’m pretty sure he was the real deal.

It was great to spend the morning helping out all the kids and families, and as people without children, I find it’s always nice to hang around little kids – they’re cute and hilarious. Especially when they’re crying, I hate to say it. It’s always kind of hard not to laugh at them when they’re upset about silly things, like being afraid of Santa or dropping a cookie. I might be a terrible person, but hey, it’s kind of funny.

He and I are thinking about getting exercise equipment. We’d both like to become a bit more fit, but it’s so dark and cold now that running isn’t really a big high for us, and I just don’t think we’re gym people. But something about the idea of riding an exercise bike or rowing while watching online television – right up our alley.


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