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Free Times = Good Times

7 Jun

Having never been to the Free Times Cafe before, we were pretty wowed. Okay, I take that back – He had been before, to see our friends the Free Whiskey String Band play, but he didn’t have any food or drink, so really, it doesn’t count.

We went tonight as we were walking home from Honest Ed’s, and started to get hungry. It looked good, it smelled good, so we had a seat. We decided to do our olde money-saving non-fatties trick of splitting a meal, and decided on an organic beef burger (meat straight from Kensington Market ya’ll) with an egg bun, sweet potato fries and a pitcher (okay, two) of Mill Street Organic.

The burger – yo, it was the best. It was all falling apart, just like I like it, and only having half totally filled us up. The fries were good, “really crispy!” like our hilarious waitress said, AND, He found a sweet deal on Yelp that entitled us to a free latke – my favourite! Even better, our waitress gave us TWO free latkes! It was the best.

Our friend Pat showed up once it started to rain, and we moved inside for another pitcher as they planned His bachelor party (oh yeah, we did tell you WE ARE GETTING MARRIED, right?).

Then we walked home, got a new nose piercing for me from Blu God, and figured out our garbage shoot.

If I said stuffing like, “Winning!” then tonight would totally be a Win.


Thursday on College

7 Jun


Freetimes Cafe. Not free beer though.

The C-Section: C-Lounge + Second City + Complimentary!

13 Mar

Man, free stuff rules!

This week has also been full of amazing things on the house. It makes me feel like a celebrity. I also like to think it’s because we have a blog. I also know it’s not because we have a blog.

Monday night some people from the tech group at my work asked if I wanted to join them that night at C-Lounge. A DJ manager had invited them there as a gesture of goodwill I think, since they often work with some of his DJ’s on events – super nice of the dude. Man, even their website is too cool for me. Their bathrooms have hairspray in them! Even MY bathroom doesn’t have hairspray in it!

They were offered bottle service, but since it was a Monday night, they were wanted to ensure a good group of people were able to come out to show their appreciate and support. He and I decided, what the hell, we love free stuff, and we love DJ’s, so we made a night of it.

Before the show, we hit up Poppin’ Fresh at Czehoski’s for some good times and good chips.

It was good to see Fred and jam to some beats before hitting up the C-Lounge – all in all, a sweet-ass night where we felt like celebs – Toronto celebs!

Second City

So the title of this blog post originally had Comedy Bar instead of Second City, which I thought made the C-Section part a lot funnier. But I just realized the show was at Second City, not Comedy Bar. Dammit.

Tuesday night, still reeling from the generosity of Isaiah (the DJ manager), my friend Carly Heffernan invited me to head over to Second City for free tickets and free drinks to check out the new show, This Party’s A Riot! Done and done.

He and I were amazed that the show had free drinks. I think it was maybe like a friends + family kind of night or something? I’m not sure, but I’m not complaining.

Anyway, we thought the show was phenom, really funny. Some of our favorite cast members were back from the other show we saw at Second City, and we were glad to see them. The one guy, Kris Siddiqi, is just fantastic… well, they all are, but I really like his style. Inessa is back too – you can see my friend Mary’s interview with her on her blog here actually.

The show has lots of great parts – you should check it out. The reviews are mixed: NOW Magazine doesn’t seem a fan, Toronto Star digs but sounds like your mom is writing it kind of, National Post seems on the fence. I was really pleased that the Post mentions the “other office scene” though – it was my fave.

Anyway, base your own thoughts, but we thought it was a slaaaaaam dunk.

Then again, we WERE drinking for free.

Boys vs. Girls

22 Dec

Last night He and I both had friends over. The girls watched Love Actually and made some hilarious jokes, while the boys hit the Man Cave and listened to some shitty music (or at least it sounded like it from upstairs). From there, the men headed to Sneaky Dee’s while the ladies finished up the sob/Colin Firth Fest and then met them there.

A fun night overall, until the She’s left the He’s due to work in the morning…

He decided to stay out for an additional 2 hours, even though I was at home waiting (I can never sleep until we’re both home). Not pleased. I was extremely pissy due to a crazy hectic day yesterday and because two of his friends were staying over and that’s always an added stress.

However, I felt like ass after being rude this morning and last night, and it’s not a huge deal, as I still woke up in time for work this morning. I should have been more understanding that it’s the holidays and not everyone wants to be in bed by 10 p.m. like I do.

Besides, I can’t be too bitchy – Santa’s watching.

In regards to Ye Olde Advent – I can’t believe we’re almost done! I’m a little sad, I’ll miss daily presents. We both have been giving each other mini-bottles of alcohol like crazy. I’m trying to think of something cool to do with them other than mix them in a drink… like bring them on the road for an epic walk downtown some night or something, although that’s not very crazy. I want a shit show of a night with those little pinners!

Today I got a tiny stripper in the cal. Yup. A little mini stripper with a pole that He says reminded Him of me because she has dark hair and a big ass. I was super flattered!

Note: Wow, this post was riddled with the swears!

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