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Painting The Town Red Wine

5 Apr

I’d like to take a minute to dedicate this post to all the people I’ve ever fallen asleep on while out at a party. To all the people who I told I was “just going home to change first” before heading out to a bar, and then turned off my phone and fallen asleep on. To all the haters who said I’d never make it out past 10:30 p.m.

This posts for you.

This is Him and I. On a roof. At Bathurst and Bloor. AFTER MIDNIGHT ON  FRIDAY.

All week we’ve been trying to make more of an effort to hang with people. He and I have more friends than we know what to do with, and we realized that if you don’t use ’em, you lose ’em.

Mid-week we hit up our friend Shira’s steam room in her condo with La Mode Au Naturelle and DJ Poppin’ Fresh for some steamin’ and wine drinking.

Friday we had even bigger plans. My friend Laura came over and we rambled about better days gone by aka drinking Baby Duck in hotel room on a P&CC managers getaway and taking pictures like these:

From there we headed down to our friend Whitlow’s abode for some partying, first making a stop at the Wine Rack because I forgot the bag sitting on the chair in the hall that contained everything we wanted to bring. The guy there was super helpful though. Thanks for showing us the cheapest, biggest possible bottle to get – and cold to boot!

We all chilled and some more good friends visited soon. It was odd – one of Whitlow’s roomates looks a lot like Him. So much so that His first memory of the two of us is actually a memory that I thought took place with the lookalike dude. Crazy. They were sitting next to each other all night – it’s a good thing I didn’t get confused. That could have ended badly. Or, like a great TV show episode!

We went up this shifty (literally) ladder to the room and had an amazing view of the city. Bathurst and Bloor is hopping at night and we could see so much of this city – it was killer.

Saturday. Couples Dinner Party time – what what! The BFF and BF came up, laden with presents of moose meat and maple syrup. It was awesome! We had some lunch and then the boys did errands and the girls be shopping. Down to Kensington and all around time, making a point to stop at Bath & Body Works to scam some buy-3-get-3 body washes. I love that stuff! (If you go, and check out your receipt, make sure you call the number and answer the survey – it honestly takes two minutes and you don’t even have to talk to someone over the phone – it’s all automated. You get a code for $10 off your next purchase of $30 – pretty sweet deal.)

Anyways, during the day, both couples called to cancel on us. Seriously? Luckily it all worked out and my Co-worker and Liam’s friend came, and one of the original couples (an old roomate of His) + friend came. We had a great time. Lots of shiskabobs, lots of veg (even me), lots of wine, and lots of Apples to Apples, the best game made in the last few years. Fun night.


CoUpLeS dAtE OMG!1

6 Mar

Last night was a night I had been looking forward to for some time – our Double Date with the writers of the Opposite Text, Kirsten and Rich.

We went to their wedding back in September – His first wedding actually, and we had a great time. The first of our friends to get married, it was neat to see how they carried things out. They did a great job – the food was good, the music was great, and the open bar was awesome. Now Kirsten even has her own business as a wedding planner -not that I’m needing her services anytime yet, eh dear co-writer of this blog?

I was looking forward to getting together with them, but if you had of told me two years ago we were going to, I would have been surprised.

Kirsten and I basically grew up together – our parents were best friends before we were born, and like to regale us with stories of building their own tv’s, red lobster dinner dates (like parents like daughter), and the time they were driving through snow and pretended they were going into hyper-space, and leaned back in their seats to emphasize this, breaking the seats in the process.

Kirsten and I spent loads of time together as kids, complete with lots of matching outfits between the two of us and her younger sister. But over time our parents gradually grew apart, so we lost touch. Which is where the wonder of Facebook comes in. We became FacePlace pals, and then our moms did too, resulting in a lot more contact. Next thing you know, the two of us are planning dinner dates with our other halves.

Anyway, it was great getting together with them. It makes you feel super mature when you have a friend over for dinner but you’re not close with their better half – yet the four of you can still have a great evening filled with wine, cake, and watching Ellen reading Snooki’s book.

The Dream Comes True: Red Lobster At Last

9 Feb


I love lobster. I think it’s delicious. And I’ve been really hoping for it all week long.

We had plans last evening to eat dinner with his Dad, Grandma and Bro and GF. There were rumours about going to RL. I was excited.

All day I was thinking not only about lobster, but about shrimp, steak, lemons, and that bowl of melted butter they give you. I think it’s what kept me going actually.

Then the dream became a reality. We went to Red Lobster.

I chose to have the Shrimpy Lobster Yummy Special, or whatever it was called. It came with not one, but two Lobster tails, and two different kinds of shrimp, although I’m pretty sure they were the same. I felt wonderful.

The next best part was that while ordering, none of us realized that the meals came with sides too! Mashed potatoes for me please, and a Caesar salad with dressing on the side. At first I wondered if they would just think I was a health nut, with dressing on the side, but then I realized I would probably consume a chocolate bar size of butter tonight, and that they probably don’t get a lot of health nuts in the Lobster. I just don’t like salad dressing.

After that, the best part was the biscuits. Better than Popeye’s – I kid you not. And they just kept coming! I brought three home, and everyone at work will be jealous of me today.

Now, you might think, “Hey man, this is just about food!”

Well, it’s not. His grandma also told a really funny story. Apparently an elevator at her condo/old people rich house thing had been broken, and while it was being fixed, the other one became broken! It was during dinner, so they just hustled all the ol’ folks into the bar and ploughed them with free alcohol! And then gorgeous firefighters came (her words – not mine)! Man, what a great life. The only sad (kind of funny though) part was that two old women were in the elevator while it happened. It was only for 1.5 hours, and they had had dinner, and a manager was there talking to them through the door the whole time, AND they had walkers, so they could sit down, so don’t put on your sobby hats just yet. I wanted to ask if they were wearing diapers too, but thought it would be rude, so I just ate more biscuits.

It was the best.

P.S. The Red Lobster site is actually really cool! They have an interactive chef’s kitchen, and did you know you can get lobster delivered to your house?! I think the menu for the next (pay-your-own) Dinner Party has just been decided!

It will be biscuits.

Dinner Party III: The Triforce

5 Feb

Last night was our third dinner party (maybe fourth?) and it went off, surprisingly, without a hitch.

Originally it was planned for tonight, but since for secret secret reasons we’re traveling to a secret secret location tonight for a secret secret event (read on tomorrow), we moved it to last night.

Which would have been totes fine – other than the fact that work has been caarazzzy this week and I’ve been staying late every night or working from home.

Right before I finished work, I was also asked to run and grab 50 bags of candy for something going on Monday. The pro side of this was that I got to take a cab home. The con side of this was that 50 bags of candy is damn heavy! And it’s sitting in my house. Luckily, I’m just as picky with my candy as I am with my veg, so I won’t eat it all.

He and I booted it home and prepared – cleaning madly, starting the appetizers, and OMG fIgUrInG oUt WhAt To WeAr!!1

It was great though. A friend from my work, a friend from His work, and a friend from university – small, but sweet. The food was pretty awesome, and we even remembered to cook the corn this time! A huge plus.

After dinner we played Apples to Apples – man, that game can get serious! One guy and I had some serious debates going on between what was more profound – Abe Lincoln or recycling. But seriously, that’s no debate! Abe Lincoln changed the States – recycling can change the world…


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