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The Ultimate In Fashion

21 Feb

Want, want, want

Here’s what I’m loving lately – full length, super comfy body-encapsulating outfits. There’s just something about the hiding effect of them – I don’t have to go anywhere, do anything, or be anyone when I wear it. At least, that’s how I think I’ll feel, because I don’t actually own any of these bad boys.

Take a look at these bad boys and tell me you don’t want to PUT ON ALL OF THEM AT ONCE AND BE THE HAPPIEST YOU’VE EVER BEEN!

The Original Norwegian Onesie
They have so many different kinds on this website that I want all of them and I will wear a different one every day and finally be satisfied with life. I’m especially jonesing after this red beauty though – I can just see myself in it, ya know? Plus, it looks wonderfully like the one Chuck Bass wore on Gossip Girl, and I’m more than a little in love with him.


The Share History Robe (Drake General Store)
This is like, a robe for a sexy grown-up woman. A woman’s robe. Nothing terry cloth, or flannel, or that weird velour fabric that all of His brothers wear like, all of the time (I made Him throw his out, THANK GOD), but just a mature, sexy-ass woman robe. I would wear this to work, I’d look so professional.



Meet Our Friends: Hallae K

12 Apr

Hallae is a blogger at I Wear Black (formerly La Mode Au Naturelle). She’s into fashion and beauty and somehow finds a way to wear fur to Boston Pizza and make it look totally cool and natural and not weird and bizarre like if I did it.

Hallae is another Queen’s Players alumni and I met her during the show when I played Carrie and she played the Exorcist chick and she spit warm pea soup on my face. She’s in fashion school right now and rocks amazing looks wherever she goes, while still telling funny jokes and drinking wine in steam rooms.

Third on the list, but first in our hearts – Hallae everybody.

1. Who do you like more? Him or Her?

I have to say Her, she’s my Players sister after all!

2. What has been your favorite experience in Toronto?

Lucky for me I get to relive my favourite Toronto experience every September when the film festival comes in! Whether you see the films or not, the weather’s great, the city’s booming with activity, and we can all feel like mini celebrities for a few days. But a close second would have to be my marathon walks in Toronto during warmer weather: Eaton centre to Yorkmills, the Beaches to the Eaton centre…why does it always come back to the Eaton centre?

3. If you don’t want your future kids to know one thing about you, what would it be?

I may have the keep that one thing to myself, but that second thing would be my study habits (or lack thereof). The future kids will be doing as mom says, not as mom does.

4. What song do you want played at your funeral?

That’s a big question…something epic. Like “One Day More” – Les Mis kind of epic.

5. If you could jump into anything, what would you jump into?

Really cold pillows. Face first.

Bababadaaaaaaa! And that’s Hallae. She’s cool, she’s in school, and she looks great in tulle. Read her blog. Kiss her face. Give her monies.

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