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11 Jan

After receiving my Visa bill for this month (even though it looked like they took every Visa bill I’ve ever had, combined it, then doubled it and gave it to me), I have decided that I’m going to try REALLY HARD to not spend any money in January, and maybe February too.

Now, this is obviously going to be impossible, so I have to list some things that I most definitely will be buying that officially do not count (so don’t hassle me about them):

  1. Food. I need food to live, and I’ve been looking everywhere for that bread dipper that I bought two bottles of last night, okay?!
  2. Normal stuff I can’t get away from, ie: TTC pass, rent, phone bill, and so on and so on
  3. Trips. Now, this might seem totally counteractive, but I just got married and I’m really tired and I 100% deserve a honeymoon. Plus, I planned on doing this in 2012, so it’s really just about committing.

Things I will not be allowed to spend money on:

  1. Alcohol. We have about 39,000 bottles of white wine leftover from the wedding, as well as some vodka and tequila. And I work for a beer company, so really, there’s no excuse for me to buy alcohol
  2. Clothes. There’s no getting around this one – this is where I spend my money, and yo, it is just not a good idea for me to go in any store right now (including online ones) because I have a bunch of stuff that I never even wear
  3. Books. See above – too many books that I haven’t read yet sit at home. Therefore I shall not buy!

Now, this is in no way going to be easy, but considering I really do want to go on a vacation, and I just had a wedding that cost about a bajillion dollars, no spending shall be allowed!

(Gifts, however, are totally okay. Just FYI.)


Review: All Our Monies

7 Apr

Well, it’s a few days late, but like your period, better late than never. Girl joke!

March wasn’t a fab month for us in terms of making our extra cash. We did do our tax refunds, but we won’t get those until late April at the latest, and He says we can’t include them anyways (I disagree and say they should count towards our extra income – if you think so too, please comment so I can win the battle).

I did, however, get my referral bonus at work for a wonderful addition to our office – A-Lister Alanna. I was glad not only to receive it (obvi), but also that she’s joined the team – such a fab addition and I hear nothing but good things about her.

Anyways, we’ve both been able to increase our income and add to our final goal. We’re both about 2/7ths of the way there!

I have reach 28 per cent of my goal, and He has reached 18 per cent. Wait a minute. That doesn’t seem right. Oh well. The important thing is I’m winning, right?

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