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And I’m all like, “I have a great idea!”

10 Jan

I get real excited about things. Like, reeeeal excited. And He is always bringing me down.

I’m like: Yo! I just thought of a great invention! A laptop that is ALSO A PRINTER!

and then He says:

Shannon, people don’t need that, and it would be really heavy.

To be fair, I totally invented that about four years ago, before tablets were “all the rage.” So it would have definitely made sense and have been very practical, if not super practical.

Last night I was on the streetcar home and came up with the BEST idea. I will start a podcast! It will be great! And as usual, he was such a downer.

“But Shannon – what will it be about?”

“Well, dear husband (oh yeah, we got married), it will be about EVERYTHING, like cats vs. dogs, ghosts, the best sandwich I ever made, aliens, Keanu Reeves, and all kinds of great stuff. That’s what people want to hear. That’s what they need to hear.” (I even said it in an Italics kind of voice, so he would know that I totally meant business.

Anyway, the point of this post, is that as soon as I figure out how, I’m totally starting a podcast! And it won’t just be for four pods (is that what you call them?) either, it will be forever, and I will be rich and famous because of it, and I’ll never have to wear proper work clothes again. Hashtag – living the dream.


Good Vibrations

26 Jun

You know what’s the best guys? Feeling good. How can anything really top that?

I just finished watching a sweet episode of New Girl – the perfect half-hour-eating-on-your-own-glass-of-wine TV show. In it, all the friends rallied together around Nick, and left a total feel-good in my bod.

There’s been an influx of this stuff around lately – I’m thinking mainly of the Coca-Cola security cam video, or the Buzzfeed article about images that restore your faith in humanity.

It’s just nice to feel good, you know? I’m totally going to try to incorporate more of that good shiz into my day-to-day. Also, more bread dipper, because it’s super delicious.

UPDATE: I just found this other great Buzzfeed article on famous people do awesome things in real life. I like it 11 times more because they include Keanu Reeves.

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