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Missing My Music

15 Nov

One of the saddest things about our lack of blogging lately has been the distinct lack of music sites I’ve been able to access. He was always so good at finding SoundCloud or BandCamp pages where I could happily sit and listen to awesome tracks by one of my favourite artists for ages on end. Now, I have to resort back to the wonderful world of YouTube.

Unless He’s the one sending me the link, I’m pretty brutal at finding them on my own. I’d much rather (for some inane reason), sift through “Related To” videos that are not, in any way, related. Or if they are, they’re live versions, where I get shitty people screaming and clapping, instead of listening to the soulful sounds of the Avett Brothers.

With Spotify coming to Canada soon, I hope that this problem will be solved. I, for one, would love an account, as it will solve all my at-work musical problems.


I Can Hardly Believe It Myself

6 Jul

Rihanna. I’ve been watching Rihanna videos all week. What’s wrong with me? Is it becasue she does a duet with Drake? Is it because I happen to really like her dance moves? Is it because she does that super sad/compelling video with Curtis Harris, or whatever his name is? Who, by the way, is kind of a hottie.

Go To: Beer Tastings on Sundays!

29 May

Hello blog-reader friends. What are you all up to on this beautiful Sunday afternoon?

If you’re in the city and stumped for ideas on how to get outside and enjoy this bout of sunshine (before it storms this evening, of course), we’ve got some great suggestions for you:

1) Wychwood Barns

The Wychwood Barns has been on our list of things to do for awhile now. They’ve got all kinds of things to do there, from farmer’s markets to country art, to beer tastings. Wait – beer tastings? What up! I forget how we first heard about this, but you can go to the Brewery Market‘s home page and check out what’s going on today.

This event is actually going on for the next 11 Sunday’s over at the Barns. The site says it best:

Each Brewery Market event will feature a single brewery.  At the event you will be able to try out some of their beers and meet the brewers in a casual and conversational setting.  There will be no admission fee – just stop by from 1pm – 5pm and grab a beer (buy drink tickets for what you’d like).  And while you’re here you can also purchase a fresh slice of wood-baked pizza made onsite by The Stop Community Food Centre.  Partial proceeds from the events will go towards The Stop’s innovative, hunger-fighting programs.”

Today they’re previewing Flying Monkeys beer – not my favorite, not by far, but I think it will be fun. It’s brewed in Barrie, and I like the local beer attitude, so we’ll check it out. You can check out the schedule of breweries here, so don’t miss your favorite brewery! This is a great initiative and way to get people down to the bars – props to whoever thought of it.

2) Free Whiskey @ Steam Whistle Brewery

You’d think we do the PR for Steam Whistle, the way we talk about it. But it’s not our fault they’re very involved in their community and often doing cool stuff. They just do.

Our friends and amazing bluegrass band Free Whiskey will be playing down at the brewery today at 3:00 p.m. Don’t believe their site – it says 11 p.m., but trust us, it’s 3, and you don’t want to show up late and miss them. We’ve raved about these guys before, and we’re likely to rave again.  They are honestly one of my favorite bands to listen to – they have such a fantastic, fun sound, and they’re super cute to watch. Listen to their music on their website for free, and trust me, you’ll be ordering a CD before long. They’re just starting their summer tour I think, and playing lots of shows out East too – so if you’ve got friends out there (I’m looking at alllll of His friends), go check them out. You won’t be sorry.

Tunes For The Week: Money

24 May

Tired of Monday before it begins? Join the club. The Monday Tunes Club that is! Every Monday, check out His, Hers and Theirs for the Top 10 hits to get you through the week.

Money is the most sought-after search term on our blog. As a matter of fact, money has led to 7,166 hits on this blog. People like money. A lot. And, since He and I thought a lot about money this weekend as we evaluated how long it will be before we get to buy a house, I thought I’d make this little Tunes for the Week alllll about money.

1. The O’Jays – Money

2. Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

3. Lil Wayne – Money In My Pocket

4. Pink Floyd – Money

5. The Beatles – Money (That’s What I Want)

6. Birdman (Ft. Lil Wayne, Drake) – Money To Blow

7. Swizz Beatz – Money In The Bank

8. ABBA – Money Money Money

9. 50 Cent – I Get Money

10. The Flying Lizards – Money 

Turns out, a lot of money songs are rap songs. Surprised? Me neither.

Music at Work: Takénobu – Exposition

18 May

Music at Work is a periodically published segment on HisHersandTheirs.  He writes about music that you can listen to online while at work.  The criteria is that: (1) a full album must be available to listen to; and (2) it can’t suck.  Here is the latest edition of Music at Work:

 Exposition Cover Art

I came across Takénobu’s bandcamp page a while ago.  I think it was one of the suggestions that is on the side of the bandcamp homepage.  Anyways, it’s nice.

He’s a guy from Atlanta who plays the cello.  and sings.  and writes songs.  It’s good music.  I like it.

I gather he’s also got plans to do an album made up almost exclusively of cello played covers to pop songs.  That should be good.  Take a listen to the first one that he posted on his webpage.

Electric Feel by Takenobu

Anyways.  Take a listen if you want something kind of chill to listen to you while you update your spreadsheets.

Don’t Miss: Jigsaw, Method and the Masses, Black Stallion

Tunes For The Week: High School High

16 May

Tired of Monday before it begins? Join the club. The Monday Tunes Club that is! Every Monday, check out His, Hers and Theirs for the Top 10 hits to get you through the week.

Ah, high school. That time in my life that I remember with such merriment, and such happiness, even though I spent a lot of nights crying in my room and writing sad poetry in a yellow Mead notebook. I did a bit of reminiscing over the weekend, so here are some top songs from my high school days. Try to figure out which clique I was in! *Note: this is more from Grade 10 and 11, before I got a boyfriend and stopped being weird.

1. Thursday – This Song Has Been Brought To You By A Falling Bomb (please note the YouTube sharer’s name)

2. Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)

3. Brand New – The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

4. The Early November – All We Ever Needed

5. Hot Hot Heat – Bandages

6. The All-American Rejects – Swing, Swing

7. Simple Plan – I’m Just A Kid

8. Death Cab For Cutie – Title and Registration

9. Finger Eleven – Bones and Joints

10. Le Tigre – The Cars The Go Boom

Tunes For The Week: Music To Garage Sale To

9 May

Tired of Monday before it begins? Join the club. The Monday Tunes Club that is! Every Monday, check out His, Hers and Theirs for the Top 10 hits to get you through the week.

As you know, this weekend was our big Yard Sale Party. We had a great time, as you can read all about from yesterday’s post. As any good young hipster-yuppie-dink knows, the most important part of any garage sale is the music. So here’s some of the fine tunes we spent listening to Saturday morning from the comfort of our yard, and then Sunday cleaning to.

1. Phoenix – Lisztomania

2. Passion Pit – Moths Wings

3. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

4. Grovesnor – Nitemoves

5. Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

6. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

7. Kill The Lights – Skinny White Girls (This isn’t on YouTube for some reason, or, if it is, you have to sift through a lot of creepy “skinny white girl” videos that I don’t want to. This is a CBC podcast – when you click on the link, just pause the current song playing at the top, and play this one instead.)

8. The National – Daughters of the SoHo Riots

9. The Go! Team – We Just Won’t Be Defeated

10. Sugar Ray – Falls Apart

Yard Sale Party!

6 May

Whoop whoop! It’s Friday! I know – I’m thrilled too. It’s been a bit of a crazy week at work, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Oh WAIT. I can’t sleep in… we’re having our garage sale tomorrow.

 Yard Sale Party!

 That’s right – we’re getting rid of all the junk we used to want but no longer want and now want money instead of it. Actually, I think it’s going to be totally fun, as long as the weather is nice to us.

Here is why it will be fun for me:

1)      BFF is coming up tonight to help out tomorrow and sell some shiz

2)      I really like haggling over prices

3)      We can meet some of our neighbours

4)      It’s something out of the norm

More importantly, here is why it will be fun for you:

1)      We will have happening tunes playing for your enjoyment

2)      We’ll be selling bevies for your refreshment

3)      BFF is a registered massage therapist, and you can get a massage after your shop that is deductible on most health plans

4)      We have some great stuff that we don’t want, but maybe you do

Here are some of the really cool things we are selling:

1)      A TV once owned by our good friend Andrew Botros. It works great, we just don’t need it

2)      A brand-new camera that we bought right before we won one from Virgin Radio. It’s a Nikon CoolPix and is really good quality

3)      Some un-worn American Apparel clothes from when I worked there that I bought and never wore

4)      Two HP printers, one used, one still in it’s original packaging, unwrapped

5)      Awesome stereo speakers

6)      Books, cds, dvds, X-Box games, all kinds of good stuff!

7)      Hand-made earring frames

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll be live tweeting the event with the hashtag #yardsale party from @mulliganl and @shann_mitchell because isn’t that what everyone does these days? So come one, come all, to ourplace tomorrow anytime after 8 a.m. We’ll be there.

Music at Work: Freedom or Death

6 May

Music at Work is a periodically published segment on HisHersandTheirs.  He writes about music that you can listen to online while at work.  The criteria is that: (1) a full album must be available to listen to; and (2) it can’t suck.  Here is the latest edition of Music at Work:

Him and her went to the Steam Whistle unsigned show last Friday. The two bands who we saw were both good, in my opinion, and the venue is pretty historic.  The brewery is housed in the old steam engine train repair building in downtown Toronto.  While it certainly is a neat place to visit (super old with a new hip sheen to it), the acoustics weren’t very good.  I guess it’s just too much brick as the sound seemed to just be bouncing everywhere.  Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

First up was a local Toronto band called Freedom or Death.  Their genre is listed as electronic-folk.  Really, that’s about as accurate as it’s going to get.  These guys aren’t rock or electro, but kind of a fuzzy middle which you might as well call electronic-folk.

The band’s sound is helped greatly by their lead singer.  The guy has got great pipes and some good stage presence to boot.  He was having a ball playing with the crowd as well as getting his fellow band members to groove a little bit.  He started off without a guitar, but then pulled one out for a few songs.  To my untrained guitar eye, it didn’t look like he was doing anything other than simple chords.  But his singing was quite something, really strong.

The rest of the band provided the electro backup and I thought the show was good.  They’ve kind of got a Kenna sound to them.  That’s probably the best/only comparison that I can think of.

I really like their music on bandcamp, too.  They’ve got two albums up that you can listen to.  The first is a 5 song EP that they made last year.  Pretty good, one song in particular that got stuck in my head at work today (see the “Don’t miss” section).  The second is an LP that came out last month, Ego.  It has a lot of great tracks on it.  Definitely something to keep on my bookmarks to listen to in the future.

Also, if you’re into checking them out live, they’ve got a show coming up on June 9th at the Drake in Toronto.  I probably won’t be there, but you never know…

Don’t miss: Soldier (FoD EP); This Crowded Room, Elefant, Human, Virgina Woolf (Ego)

Stealing The Beat: Part III

4 May

This three-part series takes a deep look into one of my most treasured belongings: my drumstick collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here we are friends – the last installment. Looking back I wish I had organized it so this final post would be all “Whoa, cool! What a great band! Amazing!” Not to say that it isn’t this way. I guess it just depends if you like multiple Queen’s Players band drumsticks or not?

1. Dharma Love 1/27/04

Ah, Dharma Love. Dharma Love was a band that formed in Uxbridge by four hotties. When I was in highschool, I loved them. BFF and I would write LiveJournal posts ending with ourselves calling them Mrs. LastNameOfOurFaveMembers. It was very cool. And the entire school didn’t find out and make fun of us either, just in case you were wondering. They had this one song, More Than Doing What You Feel Is Right Is Coming To Conclusions As To Why You Think What You Feel Is Right, a totally normal and easy to say name of a song. Here’s a vid for An Honest Prayer – if you look close, you can totally see a Grade 11 me at around 1:57 in. The drummer, Phil, was my real infatuation. At one show, he handed me a whisp of wheat that was decorating the theatre (I know, what the dude?) and I have it to this day. Phil, if you’re out there… I always thought your nose ring was the coolest.


While this is one of the more impressive sticks, it also really bothers me. It’s the only one the band has signed the name of their band and one of two that’s autographed (Hello Kelly is the other one). Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just that I like order and them all to be the same. OKGO is also written in the opposite direction from all the other sticks, which is a bit of a bitch. It was a great show though – in Kingston at The Grad Club around… I want to say fall of 2006 or something? And yes, they did amazing dancing in synch, and it was the best I’ve ever seen.

3. Trevor And The N-Bombs, Queen’s Fall Players, Derek Zwiep

Man, I really wish I had been better at dating these Players drumsticks. It would be a pain to go back and match them up with the shows, especially because the band names were really unofficial and never printed in the program. This one was funny not because of the N-Bombs joke, but because they had a trumpet player in the band that only played a couple of songs – he was totally part of the core group – and everyone thought his name was Trevor.

His name was Tyler.

4. Boardumb – Darren Ellery

Boardumb! I totally forgot I had this drumstick. This one might have actually been the real first drumstick… this was my neighbours garage band, and they were… good… super… good… If you gave them a teeshirt, they would take it home and Sharpie the name of the band on it. Very professional. I gave them their first real slogan – “Boardumb – We Don’t Suck.” My royalties will be huge.

5. Queen’s Players Band – Fall 07

Okay, now this has come back to bite me for sure. Yes, the date is helpful. The name of the band would have been too though. Therefore – I got nothin’.

6. Queen’s Players – The Killer Whales 09

The Killer Whales. This was actually from the first show where they started the Orca trophy for Best Whale by the band. They had this way of taking the guitar and making it sound like a whale… wailing… whaling… and hence, the Orca was born. It was much needed in response to the Gouda trophy that the cast could receive – now the band could receive their due. For more info on the history of the trophys, check out this link.

7. xDestroying Decemberx – 1/27/04

Yeah, you like those straight edge x’s by the name? Brings you back, am I right? I used to be straight edge too, until I tired alcohol, and then I wasn’t. This was from the same show Dharma Love played. About this show: it was organized to raise money for me to be Miss Teen Lindsay. Yeah, I know. It was crazy; a few of us signed up for this competition and I was selected as Miss Teen Lindsay. I had to raise money to go to the finals so I decided to do something cool. I got the Senior’s Centre in Fenelon Falls for free (it was where all the local shows were) and with the help of my Boardumb neighbour Kent, I had a bunch of bands play. I even got our local Sobeys where half the high school worked to donate bottled water. I can’t remember how much money I made, but I can tell you that I did not go on to the next level and copped out. I was still in the paper though!

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