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Missing My Music

15 Nov

One of the saddest things about our lack of blogging lately has been the distinct lack of music sites I’ve been able to access. He was always so good at finding SoundCloud or BandCamp pages where I could happily sit and listen to awesome tracks by one of my favourite artists for ages on end. Now, I have to resort back to the wonderful world of YouTube.

Unless He’s the one sending me the link, I’m pretty brutal at finding them on my own. I’d much rather (for some inane reason), sift through “Related To” videos that are not, in any way, related. Or if they are, they’re live versions, where I get shitty people screaming and clapping, instead of listening to the soulful sounds of the Avett Brothers.

With Spotify coming to Canada soon, I hope that this problem will be solved. I, for one, would love an account, as it will solve all my at-work musical problems.


Music at Work: Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

15 Apr

Music at Work is a periodically published segment on HisHersandTheirs.  He writes about music that you can listen to online while at work.  The criteria is that: (1) a full album must be available to listen to; and (2) it can’t suck.  Here is the latest edition of Music at Work:

Foo Fighters.  My first experience with this band was some point back in the late 90s.  Their music video for Learn to Fly was a high rotation play on Much Music at that point and I can remember talking about the video with a friend of mine.
Now, for those of you who don’t remember it, the video was a take off (pun spoiler) on the movie Airplane!.  Someone* stashes their…uh…stash in the coffee on a plane that the Foo Fighters are on, everyone except the band drinks some coffee and keels over and during the flight, so the band takes over the controls and land the plane safely.  Ha.
*The cleaning crew, which I’d forgotten about until just rewatching the video now,  is played by a much younger-than-they-are-at-the-present Tenacious D.
Anyways, so my friend was telling me about how funny the video was* and I was telling him that it didn’t make any sense.  I knew it was a copy of Airplane!, but the only time I had caught the video I’d missed the first 15 seconds or so.  Hence, I hadn’t seen the poison go in the coffee machine, but I pieced it together and got the gist of it.  However, I thought it was funny to egg on this friend of mine by arguing that the video was poorly made and all that.  Kind of entertaining for me, the S-disturber, but maybe an indication of why I didn’t have many friends in middle school…
*to be fair, the video is pretty funny. It features Dave Grohl playing the pilot, the un-masculine steward, a Foo Fighter obsessed teenie-bopper, and himself.  Pretty funny.
And now, over 10 years later, the Foo Fighters have a new album out.  Wasting Light, the band’s 7th studio album, was released on April 12th.  The band decided to upload the whole album to Soundcloud for our free listening pleasure before the drop of the album and have kept it up despite the album being available for purchase.
This is another attempt by the music industry to use the internet as a method of product delivery.  Although it’s usually lower label and indie bands give their music away for free, this move has been done before by bands who are comparable in stature to the Foo Fighters.  Anyways, now that the whole album is up for us to stream, it can be included on a Music at Work blog entry.
I must say, the album isn’t my favourite.  There are one too many “I’ll just scream and the music will be loud and fast and that’s the song” songs (White Limo being the worst offender), but I guess that’s a part of the Foo’s repertoire.  However, none of their really well known songs have been in that vein, so maybe they should just stick more to their successful formula.  But who am I to give advice to the drummer from Nirvana.
That being said, there are still a number of songs that I like.  None that I really see as reaching the same heights as Times Like These, My Hero, Best of You or Everlong, but still some solid songs.  And it’s free to listen to, which is great, but I just can’t shake the feeling that the album isn’t their best effort.  Maybe they’ve just been in the game too long, but I don’t think this will go down as one of their classic albums.  Hopefully I’m wrong.
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