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The Ultimate In Fashion

21 Feb

Want, want, want

Here’s what I’m loving lately – full length, super comfy body-encapsulating outfits. There’s just something about the hiding effect of them – I don’t have to go anywhere, do anything, or be anyone when I wear it. At least, that’s how I think I’ll feel, because I don’t actually own any of these bad boys.

Take a look at these bad boys and tell me you don’t want to PUT ON ALL OF THEM AT ONCE AND BE THE HAPPIEST YOU’VE EVER BEEN!

The Original Norwegian Onesie
They have so many different kinds on this website that I want all of them and I will wear a different one every day and finally be satisfied with life. I’m especially jonesing after this red beauty though – I can just see myself in it, ya know? Plus, it looks wonderfully like the one Chuck Bass wore on Gossip Girl, and I’m more than a little in love with him.


The Share History Robe (Drake General Store)
This is like, a robe for a sexy grown-up woman. A woman’s robe. Nothing terry cloth, or flannel, or that weird velour fabric that all of His brothers wear like, all of the time (I made Him throw his out, THANK GOD), but just a mature, sexy-ass woman robe. I would wear this to work, I’d look so professional.



And I’m all like, “I have a great idea!”

10 Jan

I get real excited about things. Like, reeeeal excited. And He is always bringing me down.

I’m like: Yo! I just thought of a great invention! A laptop that is ALSO A PRINTER!

and then He says:

Shannon, people don’t need that, and it would be really heavy.

To be fair, I totally invented that about four years ago, before tablets were “all the rage.” So it would have definitely made sense and have been very practical, if not super practical.

Last night I was on the streetcar home and came up with the BEST idea. I will start a podcast! It will be great! And as usual, he was such a downer.

“But Shannon – what will it be about?”

“Well, dear husband (oh yeah, we got married), it will be about EVERYTHING, like cats vs. dogs, ghosts, the best sandwich I ever made, aliens, Keanu Reeves, and all kinds of great stuff. That’s what people want to hear. That’s what they need to hear.” (I even said it in an Italics kind of voice, so he would know that I totally meant business.

Anyway, the point of this post, is that as soon as I figure out how, I’m totally starting a podcast! And it won’t just be for four pods (is that what you call them?) either, it will be forever, and I will be rich and famous because of it, and I’ll never have to wear proper work clothes again. Hashtag – living the dream.

It is HOT

11 Jun

Seriously, it’s a scorcher out there. While I love it, I didn’t have a hairtie during my outdoor quest today to retrieve an accordion file folder and a full-length mirror, and my poor back was going, “I’m melting! I’m melting” while my hair was laughing maniacally and cackling something about how that’ll show you, back.

Today is a good day. I went to Staples to purchase said folder – BAM – under $7! I went to Canadian Tire to purchase said mirror (that we could not find anywhere) – DOUBLEBAM – under $10! I was extremely happy, until I started carrying them back to work. Then I was not as happy.

Tonight marks the last game of the season for our team at work, the Spin Doctors. Here’s hoping for a win! It’s at Trinity Bellwoods Park tonight at 7 (or 8 – I should probably check…), so come out and cheer us on! We really need it. We’re not very good.

Tonight, It’s Gonna Be A Party

8 Jun

Yo yo yo! Tonight’s is Queen’s Players (Toronto), and I can’t wait! If you don’t know what Queen’s Players is – well, Google that shit! It’s comedy, it’s rock and roll, it’s sex and drugs (not really Mom, promise), it’s you in high school, university, and the best thing you’ll ever want to do. (Okay, He wouldn’t describe it this way, but it’s my post, and I’ma do what I want).

Tonight marks the first night I’ll see the new show, True Rock. It’s gonna be amazing. My friend Shira and I choreographed the accapella and one of the dance numbers, since both our schedules are too erratic to audition to be in the show these days. See some of our past AWESOME work here and here. Hopefully, next year that will change and we can both take the stage again. IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS:


There maaaay still be some tickets at the door for this run, so if you’re looking for, oh, a really great time, I suggest you get. on. that.

Or, if you’re in Kingston, go see Queen’s Players (the orig.)! It’s also super awesome, and the band this year is killer. Buy my man Charles a beer while you’re there, since he’s been doing sound for us since the beginning of time and has also done sound for some of the most bitchin’ bands that ever graced the international stages in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Seriously. The man’s a legend.


Free Times = Good Times

7 Jun

Having never been to the Free Times Cafe before, we were pretty wowed. Okay, I take that back – He had been before, to see our friends the Free Whiskey String Band play, but he didn’t have any food or drink, so really, it doesn’t count.

We went tonight as we were walking home from Honest Ed’s, and started to get hungry. It looked good, it smelled good, so we had a seat. We decided to do our olde money-saving non-fatties trick of splitting a meal, and decided on an organic beef burger (meat straight from Kensington Market ya’ll) with an egg bun, sweet potato fries and a pitcher (okay, two) of Mill Street Organic.

The burger – yo, it was the best. It was all falling apart, just like I like it, and only having half totally filled us up. The fries were good, “really crispy!” like our hilarious waitress said, AND, He found a sweet deal on Yelp that entitled us to a free latke – my favourite! Even better, our waitress gave us TWO free latkes! It was the best.

Our friend Pat showed up once it started to rain, and we moved inside for another pitcher as they planned His bachelor party (oh yeah, we did tell you WE ARE GETTING MARRIED, right?).

Then we walked home, got a new nose piercing for me from Blu God, and figured out our garbage shoot.

If I said stuffing like, “Winning!” then tonight would totally be a Win.

Thursday on College

7 Jun


Freetimes Cafe. Not free beer though.

Just Me & Yonge

6 Jun

Today, I walked up Yonge Street.


It’s my new commute. No more do I have to travel the mostly-reliable subway, and no more can I use it “running late” as an excuse in my daily life.

I can walk to work.

It’s awesome. The sun is shining, the freaky-deaky inhabitants of Wellesley/Yonge are all asleep, and the morning puke has already dried on my lovely little walk. I can listen to my iPod, or I can listen to the faint roll of traffic, since it’s too early for people to want to honk their horns at this hour.

The stores are closed, so I’m not tempted to purchase a new nose ring, or a $5 pair of jeans. There’s no one hassling me to come print a tee-shirt or try their protein powder (do I really look that weak?). It’s just me and Yonge.

As I get to the Bloor-Yonge intersection, the world begins to change. Jeans are replaced by suits. Flip-flops are replaced by heels.

It’s time for work.

But come 5 p.m. (okay, 6 p.m.), as I walk South towards the lake, to freedom, I’ll meet again with Yonge – this side her energetic and chaotic other half. And I’ll smile, and she’ll honk and give me the finger, and it will be great.

St Clair: Spadina Rd

3 Jun

Here we are – part six of this series. Her and I took to the streetcar line to capture the beautiful art installations that have been placed along certain stops. Here’s what we found:

Spadina Rd
Weather Sampler, 2010
Artist: Judith Schwarz

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This is an abstract and playful representation of the varied weather that Toronto experiences.  The weather identified include sunspots, heat rising from pavement, overcast, clouds, sleet and rain.

St. Clair: Russell Hill

28 May

Part five of this many.

Russell Hill
How to observe a painting (or, two planes of stripes, one yellow and one red, drawn in perspective and receding in opposite directions), 2010
Artist: Kristin Peterson

This one said it was an opportunity to document how our elusive pictoral techniques alter how we perceive the world. I know. Totally pretentious. Plus, who the dude is going to remember that title?

Anyways, I liked this one because we used to live on Russell Hill Road the summer we both spent in Ottawa. It was a crazy, fast, and hectic summer, and it was awesome.

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St. Clair: Dunvegan

25 May

Part four. Click here for the other three!

Dunvegan Road
Meeting, 2010
Artist: Panya Clark Espinal

Ennnnnnh we don’t really remember this one. We did write it down, but it’s a bit indecipherable, and in addition, He said it wasn’t as interesting as the others. Sorry!

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