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Cuba Day #3 – Very Varadero

3 Mar

This morning we woke up and had plans:  Trip to the city of Varadero.

As you can see from the map, Varadero is a very long and narrow peninsula.  There are so many resorts in the city already, but they keep building more of them to house all the Canadians who travel down.  Our resort was one of the newer ones, which is why it was basically at the end of the spit.

There are a few ways to get into Varadero from all of the resorts: taxi, unmarked coach bus that the driver says is only 2 pesos to get into downtown, or 5 pesos for a whole day ticket for the hop on hop off double decker bus.  We chose the last option, seemed like a good deal.  However, I guess we were leaving right at the same time as everyone else was at every resort in Varadero.  This bus was packed.  Think Yonge line at 8:15am on a Wednesday, packed.  Except it was with Canadian pensioners looking for a nice tour into Varadero to see the sights.  Also, the tour bus wasn’t as much of a tour bus as it was just a double decker bus that picks people up from the resorts and then drops them off downtown.

Speaking of getting dropped off downtown, before that happened She remembered something: that She had forgotten to lock the safe before leaving.  This got her extremely nervous and she felt like she needed to get back to the room as soon as possible.  I didn’t really feel like paying the 15 pesos to go from the city to the resort, so I told Her that we’d wait on the bus and just take it back to the resort.  About an hour later (this was a lot more time than I thought it would take) She said that She would just pay for the taxi and that She just needed to get back to the room to make sure that our money, passports, other camera, and everything hadn’t been stolen by our suspicious housekeeper (come on, only people who make swan towels have something to hide).

So we took a cab back.  A cab that was a 50’s era Plymouth (He thinks).

Pretty awesome.  We gave the cabbie some candy for his ninos (kids).

Sure enough, we get back to the room and everything is just as it should be. The housekeeper has come and gone and even closed the safe for us. Nothing to worry about.  But I think that She was glad to pay the 15 pesos for some peace of mind.

So, luckily we took the hop on hop off option, so all we had to do was get back to the bus stop at the end of the resort’s driveway and get on the next one.  It wasn’t as crowded after lunch, which made the trip nicer than the first time.

Got back into Varadero and we:

  • Went shopping at the different outdoor shops that they have (bought 3 key chains for friends, a nice domino set, cool faces to put on our wall, a wooden car).
  • Saw the beach and a cool looking beach bar that’s a bit off the beaten path.
  • Really saw a bit at what Cuba is really like (staying on the resort would not have been worth it).
  • Saw chickens walking around.
  • Saw Al Capone’s house in Varadero (we later learned that he never actually stayed there).
  • Took some pictures (see the gallery).
  • Took the double decker bus back to our resort.

When we got back we had a bit of a decision to make.  On of our bonus a la carte meals (for booking with Nolitours) was a Cuban meal at 8:30.  She wasn’t sure that she would find anything that she liked at this supper, so She wanted to go to the buffet beforehand to have pre supper.  So we went and She had some nice roast beef. I had initially meant to have only a tiny bit, but, of course, I found way too much there that I really wanted.  So I wasn’t actually all that hungry for Cuban supper. We went anyways.

I tell you, the line was CRAZY long for what looked to be some decent steak or something.  But I was perfectly content with just getting some salad and soup from the places without much of a line.  She was 100% OMFG content with getting a plateful of the prosciutto that was served at this Cuban supper.  Didn’t know that it was a Cuban deli meat…

Then, while walking back from the restaurant, She remembered that the night’s show was the aquatic ballet at the activity pool.  We were both a little skeptical, but the show was actually really good.  It was over an hour of girls getting lifted up high into the air and then tossed into the waist high water.  All very graceful like.  Real horrowshow (as in good) show.

And that was our day.  Stay tuned for more.

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Beautiful Cuba

24 Feb

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So Long!

16 Feb

We’re off friends! But don’t worry. We’ve got some sweet-ass surprises for you set in store, so keep checking us out, and we promise to bring back seashells and coconut bras for everyone!

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