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Good Vibrations

26 Jun

You know what’s the best guys? Feeling good. How can anything really top that?

I just finished watching a sweet episode of New Girl – the perfect half-hour-eating-on-your-own-glass-of-wine TV show. In it, all the friends rallied together around Nick, and left a total feel-good in my bod.

There’s been an influx of this stuff around lately – I’m thinking mainly of the Coca-Cola security cam video, or the Buzzfeed article about images that restore your faith in humanity.

It’s just nice to feel good, you know? I’m totally going to try to incorporate more of that good shiz into my day-to-day. Also, more bread dipper, because it’s super delicious.

UPDATE: I just found this other great Buzzfeed article on famous people do awesome things in real life. I like it 11 times more because they include Keanu Reeves.


Crimes in Paris > Crimes in real life

22 Jan

Crimes in Paris is a band.  The lead singer/one-half of the guitar duo is a friend of ours from university.  They bill themselves from Muskoka, not sure if that’s true, not sure how much I care.  All I know is that they’re pretty darn good.

To be honest, I listened to their whole album at work (every song is available on their website) and couldn’t decide whether I kind of liked or kind of didn’t like them.  She is a better friend with our “in” in the band than I and She got us onto the guest list for their show at Lee’s Palace on January 20th.  So we decided to support our friend and have a good time listening to a band out on the town on a Thursday.  It also gave the band a chance to sway me to either kind of like them or kind of not.

The show was very good.  Despite the crowd looking more like parent’s night than an actual concert, the band had a lot of energy and really gave it their all.  To me, the band seemed to pick it up more towards the end of their set.  I think the vocals came through clearer after a couple songs gave the soundboard some time to acclimatize itself.  Highlights were Love Potion No. 9 dedicated to the lead singer’s mom and a catch original song  (The Artist) that has a line in its chorus that sounds a lot like a line from the chorus of Come on Eileen.  You know, Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye.  Except Crimes in Paris’ version goes “do you think that all I’ve said I’ve done.”  Not only do they homage two hit wonders from the early 1980s, but they definitely have some great original songs that you should check out their page.  They also have a pretty cool music video that I’ve embedded below.  It’s not my favourite song of theirs, but the video quality is really great!

One point of criticism is that I think the lead singer’s vocals could be a bit more confident.  He really belted out Love Potion #9 with force and confidence.  I just wish that he would show the same self assurance when singing the bands originals.  I’ve heard the singer kill Muse while under the influence at a pseudo-karaoke and am certain that he could really do a number to his originals too.  They’re really well written songs and deserve just as much as a hit by The Clovers from the 1950s.

Overall, they deserve a listen to or a look to if you’re around Toronto when they have a show.  Speaking of next show, they let it slip that they’re breaking Toronto concert venue cartel rules and are having a show at the Drake sometime in the near future.  Be there or you don’t support Haiti*.

*it’s a Haiti benefit show.

And here are some picture from the show!!:

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Cure Those Funky Blues

13 Dec
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