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Cake or Cupcakes?

10 Jun


Makin’ some bakin’ for my bridesmaids as we plan my wedding today!


Will you…?

1 Apr

Dear Him,

Even though we’ve only been writing this blog together for a few months, with you, anything feels like a lifetime. In a good way – I promise. I enjoy taking the time each day to look back and reflect on things together, and if anything, this blog has allowed us to do that more.

I’ve always thought we were the perfect team – even before you knew that too. We’re always on each others side, and there’s no one else I’d rather be sharing my life, nonetheless my home with.

Things haven’t always been easy, or even fun, but that just makes me appreciate those moments when we’re dancing in the kitchen or boarding the C. Station all the more.

I know that you have no false expectations of what I’m looking for in life. We’ve always been straight with each other on what we want and what we want from each other. You’ve always been able to give me everything that I need, sometimes even before I know I need it, whether it’s a cup of tea in the morning, a hug, or a bottle of rye and gingerale after a hard day.

There’s only one thing left that I need from you, and instead of waiting, I’m going to ask you for it to make it easier on you.

What do you say?

CoUpLeS dAtE OMG!1

6 Mar

Last night was a night I had been looking forward to for some time – our Double Date with the writers of the Opposite Text, Kirsten and Rich.

We went to their wedding back in September – His first wedding actually, and we had a great time. The first of our friends to get married, it was neat to see how they carried things out. They did a great job – the food was good, the music was great, and the open bar was awesome. Now Kirsten even has her own business as a wedding planner -not that I’m needing her services anytime yet, eh dear co-writer of this blog?

I was looking forward to getting together with them, but if you had of told me two years ago we were going to, I would have been surprised.

Kirsten and I basically grew up together – our parents were best friends before we were born, and like to regale us with stories of building their own tv’s, red lobster dinner dates (like parents like daughter), and the time they were driving through snow and pretended they were going into hyper-space, and leaned back in their seats to emphasize this, breaking the seats in the process.

Kirsten and I spent loads of time together as kids, complete with lots of matching outfits between the two of us and her younger sister. But over time our parents gradually grew apart, so we lost touch. Which is where the wonder of Facebook comes in. We became FacePlace pals, and then our moms did too, resulting in a lot more contact. Next thing you know, the two of us are planning dinner dates with our other halves.

Anyway, it was great getting together with them. It makes you feel super mature when you have a friend over for dinner but you’re not close with their better half – yet the four of you can still have a great evening filled with wine, cake, and watching Ellen reading Snooki’s book.

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