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How To: Be Really, Really Happy

13 Jan

Get a new video game and play it all weekend. Just do it, it will be great.


Home Alone – Weekend Edition

21 Mar

Alright alright. So this weekend I decided to take a stint in my country home – that is, with my parents. It’s weird – when do you stop calling your parents house “home?” I kept telling everyone I was heading home for the weekend, and they all knew I meant my parents digs. But then, I say I’m going home every night, and I mean our home, His and mine. Lucky me – two homes.

I had been craving a weekend like this in awhile, just me and the Olds. My mom making me whatever food I wanted, me actually watching TV (we don’t have cable), playing some Wii with the folks, and taking a sweet, luxurious bath. It was pretty fab.

Saturday it seemed like everyone in the neighbourhood dropped by. I guess word gets out that the kid is home and people want to stop in – seriously, the doorbell rang four times before dinner. It was nice though – one of my parents old neighbours dropped in to give my mom a birthday gift actually – Beatles Monopoly – but since they already own it and everything else Beatles in this universe, I got to take it over. Score! Now we have Monopoly.

The food has been excellent too. And somehow, I get out of doing dishes too, since this is my “relaxation weekend.” Not a bad deal at all!

Sometimes it’s really nice to get away from the person you live with too. Not that I don’t like living with Him – I definitely do, but there’s that whole, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” shiz that comes into play too. So it’s nice to take a break to go back and be able to realize how much you enjoy spending time with that other person, and also to make you realize that you need time apart every now and then – something that He and I can forget on occasion.

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