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St Clair: Spadina Rd

3 Jun

Here we are – part six of this series. Her and I took to the streetcar line to capture the beautiful art installations that have been placed along certain stops. Here’s what we found:

Spadina Rd
Weather Sampler, 2010
Artist: Judith Schwarz

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This is an abstract and playful representation of the varied weather that Toronto experiences.  The weather identified include sunspots, heat rising from pavement, overcast, clouds, sleet and rain.


Go To: Beer Tastings on Sundays!

29 May

Hello blog-reader friends. What are you all up to on this beautiful Sunday afternoon?

If you’re in the city and stumped for ideas on how to get outside and enjoy this bout of sunshine (before it storms this evening, of course), we’ve got some great suggestions for you:

1) Wychwood Barns

The Wychwood Barns has been on our list of things to do for awhile now. They’ve got all kinds of things to do there, from farmer’s markets to country art, to beer tastings. Wait – beer tastings? What up! I forget how we first heard about this, but you can go to the Brewery Market‘s home page and check out what’s going on today.

This event is actually going on for the next 11 Sunday’s over at the Barns. The site says it best:

Each Brewery Market event will feature a single brewery.  At the event you will be able to try out some of their beers and meet the brewers in a casual and conversational setting.  There will be no admission fee – just stop by from 1pm – 5pm and grab a beer (buy drink tickets for what you’d like).  And while you’re here you can also purchase a fresh slice of wood-baked pizza made onsite by The Stop Community Food Centre.  Partial proceeds from the events will go towards The Stop’s innovative, hunger-fighting programs.”

Today they’re previewing Flying Monkeys beer – not my favorite, not by far, but I think it will be fun. It’s brewed in Barrie, and I like the local beer attitude, so we’ll check it out. You can check out the schedule of breweries here, so don’t miss your favorite brewery! This is a great initiative and way to get people down to the bars – props to whoever thought of it.

2) Free Whiskey @ Steam Whistle Brewery

You’d think we do the PR for Steam Whistle, the way we talk about it. But it’s not our fault they’re very involved in their community and often doing cool stuff. They just do.

Our friends and amazing bluegrass band Free Whiskey will be playing down at the brewery today at 3:00 p.m. Don’t believe their site – it says 11 p.m., but trust us, it’s 3, and you don’t want to show up late and miss them. We’ve raved about these guys before, and we’re likely to rave again.  They are honestly one of my favorite bands to listen to – they have such a fantastic, fun sound, and they’re super cute to watch. Listen to their music on their website for free, and trust me, you’ll be ordering a CD before long. They’re just starting their summer tour I think, and playing lots of shows out East too – so if you’ve got friends out there (I’m looking at alllll of His friends), go check them out. You won’t be sorry.

St. Clair: Russell Hill

28 May

Part five of this many.

Russell Hill
How to observe a painting (or, two planes of stripes, one yellow and one red, drawn in perspective and receding in opposite directions), 2010
Artist: Kristin Peterson

This one said it was an opportunity to document how our elusive pictoral techniques alter how we perceive the world. I know. Totally pretentious. Plus, who the dude is going to remember that title?

Anyways, I liked this one because we used to live on Russell Hill Road the summer we both spent in Ottawa. It was a crazy, fast, and hectic summer, and it was awesome.

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St. Clair: Dunvegan

25 May

Part four. Click here for the other three!

Dunvegan Road
Meeting, 2010
Artist: Panya Clark Espinal

Ennnnnnh we don’t really remember this one. We did write it down, but it’s a bit indecipherable, and in addition, He said it wasn’t as interesting as the others. Sorry!

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St. Clair: Avenue

22 May

Part three of a million. Click here for more streetcar art.

Avenue Road
Scenic Route, 2010
Artist: Carlo Cesta

This one I like more in the concept as compared to the actual art. It’s a cool idea, and yes, it looks cool too, I think I would just like it more if there was colour incorporated.

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St. Clair: Deer Park Crescent

19 May

The second entry on He and I’s massive walk down St. Clair Avenue to capture the interesting public art on the streetcar stops – we made it!

Deer Park Crescent
Constructions, 2010
Artist: Cybele Young

This one was pretty cool. It was all about paper constructions that came from a walk around the area. It’s also the streetcar stop right across from my first apartment in Toronto, at 64 St. Clair Avenue West. That was a beautiful apartment, but it had mice, and for a girl that owned rats, that was not cool. Not cool.

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Don’t forget to enter our Steam Whistle Brewery contest here! You can win a free tour, which comes with free beer, and free friends. And a bottle opener!

Yard Sale Party = Success

8 May

It’s over! Our Yard Sale Party took place yesterday and it was a slamming success. Here’s how it went:

7:30: Wake up, decide against showering as we’re way too tired, make tea, and start hauling stuff outside into the sunny, but cold morning air

7:45: Our neighbour comes over, and asks immediately about the camera. The camera that BFF had actually told me she’d like to buy, but I put on the signs anyway, thinking it would draw a bigger crowd.

7:50: Our neighbour is a swindler. He bargains with me on some of my American Apparel clothes for his teenaged daughter. She comes over and borrows them to go try them on. They fit, they buy, it’s great. he also buys BFF old camera, and some items from our 50 cents bin. First $25 is made.

8:30: Other neighbour comes over from across the road. We end up meeting about four or five different neighbours, which is really great. They all talk to us about how badly we need to go visit the Wychwood Barns. We will, we promise. They also have  a Facebook group, which we were invited to join.

8:35: We get hungry. He treks down to Tim Horton’s to grab us all breakfast, which is really nice. We get chocolate milk, and it’s awesome.

9:23: A little neighbour kid comes over and is gaga over the Salt N’ Pepper shakers. He says he’s been wanting these forever.

9:55: A couple comes over who just moved in across the other side of St. Clair yesterday. They have two really cute little boys, about 2.5 years and 2 months. I tell them I babysit and she gets my number. $weet. She also buys a bunch of my clothes.

10:12: We crank the tunes.

10:30: We realize how early we woke up and recognize that any other Saturday, we would just be waking up now.

11:24: I sell my stereo speakers to a really nice old man who chats with us for about 15 minutes.

1:25: A friend of mine from Humber drops by, a friend of His from high school, and a friend of mine from Queen’s. Great stuff.

2:00: We decide to fold up shop and take the rest of the stuff to the Goodwill down the street.

And that was that. very successful day. Combined, BFF and I made over $300. Then she gave Him and I massages which was pretty cool. She’s actually really good, and charges way less than the Dove Spa I normally go to. And it’s 90 per cent deductible on both our health plans, so it’s all plus-plus.

Here’s what sold that I can remember:

  • Stereo speakes
  • About 50 per cent of all my clothes – SO HAPPY
  • CD’s
  • Baseball cards (kids loved those damn things)
  • Books
  • 50 cent junk treasures
  • Purses
  • Scarves
  • Expresso machine
  • Expensive rainboots
  • Earring frames
  • DVD’s
  • Salt and Pepper shakers

St. Clair: Yonge Street

7 May

Here we are – part one of this series. Last weekend, He and I took to the streetcar line to capture the beautiful art installations that have been placed along certain stops. Here’s what we found:

Yonge Street
Meadow, 2010
Artist: Peter Bowyer

The blurb for this piece told us that it was a pastoral civic ornament – a “moment of floral expansiveness for a busy street.” Well, he got the busy street part right!

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St. Clair Streetcar Art

12 Jan

Finally! The media Gods have answered our recent prayers.

During our travels along the St. Clair streetcar line, we’ve been curious about the recent art installations that have been popping up one by one. There’s the giant red squiggle, the metallic fish, the comic book stuff, and many more.

Using the social media tools avail to us, we tweeted at BlogTo, and lo and behold, Rick McGinnis has answered our inquisitive prayers.

According to the BlogTO article that came out yesterday, and was subsequently picked up by T.O. Night, the various additions to the bus and streetcar stops total 24, and is a public art project run by Rina Greer, funded by the TTC.

In light of the recent delays/fare hikes/fare un-hikes, this makes me like the TTC a whole lot more.

Once the weather warms up, He and I will be traveling along the St. Clair line from Yonge to Gunn’s Loop and photographing all of the various installations, which we’ll then post here.

In the meantime, the page (and this one and this one) is well worth checking out!

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