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It was a sad day

16 Jul

I drank my Tim Hortons tea, and it was good. I was happy; content.


As I got to the bottom of said tea, I was so excited to roll up the rim and see what I won!


Then I remembered. It’s July. The contest is over.


It was a sad day.


He Wins! He Wins!

23 May

Well friends, we have a winner! That’s right, our Steamy Steam Whistle contest has drawn to a close, with lucky winner @bunkerton taking home the Steam Whistle prize pack of two tickets for a tour of Steam Whistle, a bottle opener, a Steam Whistle iPod cover, and any extra Easter chocolate we have.

This brainy winner won with his haiku below:

Here is a haiku

Of Mike Burns’s love for beer

Steamwhistle is great

Love it Mike Burns, just love it. Leave us a comment as to how you’d like your prize delivered, or email us at hishersandtheirsblog@gmail.com, if you’re going to you know, send us personal deets and stuff. Like your credit card number.

SPEAKING OF CREDIT CARDS – guess who’s credit card got used for a fraudulent charge? Mine. It blows. I called Scotiabank and they’re “looking into it” for me. Gee, thanks. However, on a secondary call to them, they let me know that they had neglected to tell me it could take 90 days, and I would have to pay the fraud fee and they would refund it. Whaaaat. It hardly seems fair. And the Scotiabank rep hung up on me. I was so mad, steam came out of my ears. Which reminded me to write this post.

If you stole someone’s credit card info, I would also advise not buying something called “Hotfile” with it. They’re bound to notice. Do something simple, like buy groceries at Loblaws or something.

If you punked someone’s card, what’s the first thing you’d buy with it?

Contest! Steamy Steam Whistle Free Tour Passes!

17 May

Oh HI friends! Today we have something super sweet and spicy for you – a giveaway!

Now, when we say “win this shiz,” we mean win some of this shiz. He kept the shirt – suckas! BUT, here is what you could win:

  • Two free passes for a tour of Steam Whistle Brewery, where there is FREE BEER!
  • A Steam Whistle bottle opener
  • An iPod Steam Whistle cover
  • Maybe some chocolate, if we have some left over from Easter
Here’s what you have to do:
1) Write us a haiku about beer, lovely beer, on Twitter*, to either @shann_mitchell or @mulliganl or both
2) Make it a good haiku now, don’t be shabby
3) Link to this page – bit.ly can make it shorter for you (but if you haven’t figured out shortened links by now, what are you still doing on the internet?)
That’s it! Extra entries if you also comment on this post, for a limit of one extra entry each. We also might accept bribes.
*If you don’t have Twitter, get one, then enter this contest. Or, you know, just enter your haiku in the comments below.

Update: Our Giant Pile Of Money

13 May

I know we’re not at the end of the month yet, but right now, He and I are only $82.27 away from what I thought our goal was – to make $7000.00 in extra income.

Our goal, apparently, is actually to make $7000.00 each.

Regardless, look at all the formatting in this post! Cool!

A Steamy Steam Whistle Adventure

30 Apr

Congratulations to me! Yesterday I found out that I won a contest on The Indie Machine and totally won a Steam Whistle prize pack. It was awesome. I signed up for the contest in early April, so I had totally forgotten about it when they emailed me.

That’s how He and I found ourselves heading down to the brewery last night for our special tour. I also won this sweet prize pack below:

The tour itself was great. Both He and I had already had the tour twice, but it’s still interesting because the different tour guides tell you different facts about the beer, the brewery, and the owners. If you haven’t been on the tour and are in the Toronto area, it’s definitely worth checking out. Plus, you get a beer – oh yeahhhhh. Spoiler Alert – keep your eyes peeeeeeled, ‘cus this week we’re having a contest where you can win your very own Steam Whistle tour prize pack! Whoop whoop! 

One of my favorite parts of Steam Whistle that I haven’t experienced on the other tours I’ve been on, is their photobooth. You take a beer in, the camera snaps, and you chug like an animal. However, cans don’t work too well:

As part of the prize pack, we also got to hang around for the Unsigned Series show. On Friday night’s, they will sometimes have bands down to the brewery to play. You pay $5 and get to see three (usually) awesome bands, and drink some beer – it’s not a bad deal. Two of our friends who work at the brewery were also around that night, so it was nice to see them as well.

The bands playing tonight were Freedom or Death, The Darcy’s, and Wildlife. Having not really heard of any of these bands before (at least me), I was excited to check them out. I spent the afternoon at work listening to Wildlife on headphones, and I was really into their sound. I listened to The Darcys while getting ready, and they were… okay.

Freedom or Death opened the show, and He was into them. I was not. Nothing against the band, just not my preference of music. The crowd seemed to really be digging them though – I was surprised at how many people came out, it was a really decent sized crowd. The Darcys were next, and they were pretty good. We didn’t end up staying for Wildlife, but they were the band we were both most eager to see. Oh well, we’ll always have their Myspace.

If we hadn’t won the prize pack though, we would have been at the Free Whiskey show at the Silver Dollar, which is hopefully where you were if you weren’t at Steamy Steamwhistle. I cannot stress how awesome this band is, and not just because they’re friends of ours. Keep an eye on their tour page and go see them when they come to Toronto again – in fact, we’ll go with you and make a date out of it. They’re playing TO May 28th and June 5th – so go! go! go!

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Review: Hanna

21 Apr

Before I saw the trailer for this movie, I had heard good things. I was therefore really excited to find out that Turn The Record Over was having a contest with the prize being none other than this soundtrack on vinyl. Man – it couldn’t get sweet. I’d heard the Chemical Brothers rocked this one and we’re trying to expand our vinyl collection. Amazingly, I won!

It came in the mail on Friday; the perfect start to the weekend. I put it on to play while I started making dinner and it provided a great soundtrack. All the tracks are pretty mellow in that they’re instrumental, but some can be pretty intense. I thought that it would be make cool dinner party music – a bit out of the norm and a good conversation starter, but nothing that would overpower the conversation, you know?

I think the best part about the record came to me by surprise, and that was when I actually opened it up. Our parents got to experience this all the time, but it hit me that I’d never actually opened a new record. Used, borrowed, given to me by my parents… but never new. I can now totally see the appeal that came with getting a new record and taking it home, lighting up a candle/incense/what have you and vibing to it. It was neat to take it out of the paper and I’m justing saying, if you’ve never opened a new record… it’s a cool sensation that can’t be beat by cracking open an mp3.

Anyway, I was super pleased. I still have to listen to it a lot more to get a good feel for the songs, but I like what I’m hearing so far, and He was equally digging it.

Here’s the trailer to Hanna – if you’ve seen it, let us know what you think!

She Does The City Contest – BAM!

11 Jan

Hey all,

Wanted to let any readers of this know about She Does The City’s new reality show – BAM!

I’m not using this as self-promo (but if I did, would I have to bill myself?). I’m too much sleep, not enough party for that. But I am using it to promote my friend – Hallae K.

She’s made it to the top 4 girls, which means she’ll be posting a video every Thursday for 4 weeks on the She Does The City site. Their final prize is a Kodak camera I believe, as well as $1,000. Not too shabby. Plus, it’s probably an insane amount of fun.

I probably also owe her some props since she used some Queen’s Players footage in her film, and if it wasn’t for Him, I would totally be dating Players.

As a former reality show winner,* I’m pretty jealous of her getting to showcase her ass all over the city.

Anyways – vote for her (or the other girls, but mostly just Hallae)! At the very least, check out the show.

Hallae as the Exorcist Chick, Her as Carrie

*Last February I was selected to be a participant on the Humber Lakeshore Campus reality show – Big Brother Humber Edition**. Another girl from my class was also selected to be on the show, and we were video taped for 24 hours, depending on how long we lasted. We had to endure challenges like a jump rope competition, escaping from a mummy-style saran wrap outfit, Pictionary, etc. We actually made it to the top 2 through only some minor deceit (okay, one guy called me a bitch and said he could never be my friend. What a baby.) and our entire class came out to vote for us. She came in 2nd, winning a sweet reading week vacation, and I came in 1st, winning myself $1,000.

**I should also point out that the video footage was streamed live, and that He stayed up almost all night watching us, and woke up at 7 a.m. the next morning to keep watching. Not only that, but He took notes on the other contestants confessions so I could know what they said later. Please email Him for His address in order to send Him the Best BF Of The Year Award. Cash preferred.

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