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And I’m all like, “I have a great idea!”

10 Jan

I get real excited about things. Like, reeeeal excited. And He is always bringing me down.

I’m like: Yo! I just thought of a great invention! A laptop that is ALSO A PRINTER!

and then He says:

Shannon, people don’t need that, and it would be really heavy.

To be fair, I totally invented that about four years ago, before tablets were “all the rage.” So it would have definitely made sense and have been very practical, if not super practical.

Last night I was on the streetcar home and came up with the BEST idea. I will start a podcast! It will be great! And as usual, he was such a downer.

“But Shannon – what will it be about?”

“Well, dear husband (oh yeah, we got married), it will be about EVERYTHING, like cats vs. dogs, ghosts, the best sandwich I ever made, aliens, Keanu Reeves, and all kinds of great stuff. That’s what people want to hear. That’s what they need to hear.” (I even said it in an Italics kind of voice, so he would know that I totally meant business.

Anyway, the point of this post, is that as soon as I figure out how, I’m totally starting a podcast! And it won’t just be for four pods (is that what you call them?) either, it will be forever, and I will be rich and famous because of it, and I’ll never have to wear proper work clothes again. Hashtag – living the dream.


St Clair: Spadina Rd

3 Jun

Here we are – part six of this series. Her and I took to the streetcar line to capture the beautiful art installations that have been placed along certain stops. Here’s what we found:

Spadina Rd
Weather Sampler, 2010
Artist: Judith Schwarz

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This is an abstract and playful representation of the varied weather that Toronto experiences.  The weather identified include sunspots, heat rising from pavement, overcast, clouds, sleet and rain.

St. Clair: Russell Hill

28 May

Part five of this many.

Russell Hill
How to observe a painting (or, two planes of stripes, one yellow and one red, drawn in perspective and receding in opposite directions), 2010
Artist: Kristin Peterson

This one said it was an opportunity to document how our elusive pictoral techniques alter how we perceive the world. I know. Totally pretentious. Plus, who the dude is going to remember that title?

Anyways, I liked this one because we used to live on Russell Hill Road the summer we both spent in Ottawa. It was a crazy, fast, and hectic summer, and it was awesome.

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St. Clair: Dunvegan

25 May

Part four. Click here for the other three!

Dunvegan Road
Meeting, 2010
Artist: Panya Clark Espinal

Ennnnnnh we don’t really remember this one. We did write it down, but it’s a bit indecipherable, and in addition, He said it wasn’t as interesting as the others. Sorry!

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St. Clair: Avenue

22 May

Part three of a million. Click here for more streetcar art.

Avenue Road
Scenic Route, 2010
Artist: Carlo Cesta

This one I like more in the concept as compared to the actual art. It’s a cool idea, and yes, it looks cool too, I think I would just like it more if there was colour incorporated.

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St. Clair: Deer Park Crescent

19 May

The second entry on He and I’s massive walk down St. Clair Avenue to capture the interesting public art on the streetcar stops – we made it!

Deer Park Crescent
Constructions, 2010
Artist: Cybele Young

This one was pretty cool. It was all about paper constructions that came from a walk around the area. It’s also the streetcar stop right across from my first apartment in Toronto, at 64 St. Clair Avenue West. That was a beautiful apartment, but it had mice, and for a girl that owned rats, that was not cool. Not cool.

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Don’t forget to enter our Steam Whistle Brewery contest here! You can win a free tour, which comes with free beer, and free friends. And a bottle opener!

St. Clair: Yonge Street

7 May

Here we are – part one of this series. Last weekend, He and I took to the streetcar line to capture the beautiful art installations that have been placed along certain stops. Here’s what we found:

Yonge Street
Meadow, 2010
Artist: Peter Bowyer

The blurb for this piece told us that it was a pastoral civic ornament – a “moment of floral expansiveness for a busy street.” Well, he got the busy street part right!

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Super long walk along St Clair West

1 May

Oh man. Him and Her went on this super long walk yesterday.  We did it partially to discover more of what our neighbourhood has to offer and partially to take pictures of the streetcar stop art installations that dot the rail line along the street.* It was a long day, but very rewarding.  We even got to walk with one of Her’s old school chums for a part of the journey.

*Keep your browser tuned to hishersandtheirs.wordpress.com for their profile in a future post

We stopped off at the Big Slice which is east of Dufferin.  Yumyum.  Very good pizza, and such great deals.  Her and I split a “big plate.”  However, I can’t imagine their being a plate big enough to contain what we got with our meal.  Half order of parm-parm alfredo and slice of pep pizza for Her and a half order of chicky-catch and a slice of deluxe pizza for him.  Plus garlic bread for us to share.  Just unreal, we were both stuffed.  And for only $10.75!  The pizza toppings were amazing, so fresh.  We both highly recommend it if you’re in the Corso Italia neighbourhood.

Speaking of Corso Italia, we both really liked the area.  Does anyone have experience living there?  Could be a spot that we look to for when we buy the His and Her’s headquarters…

The only other spot that we actually stopped for something in particular was in Forest Hill Village for Her favourite books that came in to Type Books for her.  After that we sampled some free coffee and Belgian waffles that Village Chill (an ice cream, waffle and coffee place in Forest Hill Village) were handing out on the street.  Very num num on both accounts.

The Village Chill

And that was our day.  Like I said, keep in mind that we’ll be profiling the art that we saw along St Clair in future posts.  We also might go into some detail about the immediate area of the art.  Fun!

St. Clair Streetcar Art

12 Jan

Finally! The media Gods have answered our recent prayers.

During our travels along the St. Clair streetcar line, we’ve been curious about the recent art installations that have been popping up one by one. There’s the giant red squiggle, the metallic fish, the comic book stuff, and many more.

Using the social media tools avail to us, we tweeted at BlogTo, and lo and behold, Rick McGinnis has answered our inquisitive prayers.

According to the BlogTO article that came out yesterday, and was subsequently picked up by T.O. Night, the various additions to the bus and streetcar stops total 24, and is a public art project run by Rina Greer, funded by the TTC.

In light of the recent delays/fare hikes/fare un-hikes, this makes me like the TTC a whole lot more.

Once the weather warms up, He and I will be traveling along the St. Clair line from Yonge to Gunn’s Loop and photographing all of the various installations, which we’ll then post here.

In the meantime, the page (and this one and this one) is well worth checking out!

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