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He Wins! He Wins!

23 May

Well friends, we have a winner! That’s right, our Steamy Steam Whistle contest has drawn to a close, with lucky winner @bunkerton taking home the Steam Whistle prize pack of two tickets for a tour of Steam Whistle, a bottle opener, a Steam Whistle iPod cover, and any extra Easter chocolate we have.

This brainy winner won with his haiku below:

Here is a haiku

Of Mike Burns’s love for beer

Steamwhistle is great

Love it Mike Burns, just love it. Leave us a comment as to how you’d like your prize delivered, or email us at hishersandtheirsblog@gmail.com, if you’re going to you know, send us personal deets and stuff. Like your credit card number.

SPEAKING OF CREDIT CARDS – guess who’s credit card got used for a fraudulent charge? Mine. It blows. I called Scotiabank and they’re “looking into it” for me. Gee, thanks. However, on a secondary call to them, they let me know that they had neglected to tell me it could take 90 days, and I would have to pay the fraud fee and they would refund it. Whaaaat. It hardly seems fair. And the Scotiabank rep hung up on me. I was so mad, steam came out of my ears. Which reminded me to write this post.

If you stole someone’s credit card info, I would also advise not buying something called “Hotfile” with it. They’re bound to notice. Do something simple, like buy groceries at Loblaws or something.

If you punked someone’s card, what’s the first thing you’d buy with it?


Contest! Steamy Steam Whistle Free Tour Passes!

17 May

Oh HI friends! Today we have something super sweet and spicy for you – a giveaway!

Now, when we say “win this shiz,” we mean win some of this shiz. He kept the shirt – suckas! BUT, here is what you could win:

  • Two free passes for a tour of Steam Whistle Brewery, where there is FREE BEER!
  • A Steam Whistle bottle opener
  • An iPod Steam Whistle cover
  • Maybe some chocolate, if we have some left over from Easter
Here’s what you have to do:
1) Write us a haiku about beer, lovely beer, on Twitter*, to either @shann_mitchell or @mulliganl or both
2) Make it a good haiku now, don’t be shabby
3) Link to this page – bit.ly can make it shorter for you (but if you haven’t figured out shortened links by now, what are you still doing on the internet?)
That’s it! Extra entries if you also comment on this post, for a limit of one extra entry each. We also might accept bribes.
*If you don’t have Twitter, get one, then enter this contest. Or, you know, just enter your haiku in the comments below.

Update: Our Giant Pile Of Money

13 May

I know we’re not at the end of the month yet, but right now, He and I are only $82.27 away from what I thought our goal was – to make $7000.00 in extra income.

Our goal, apparently, is actually to make $7000.00 each.

Regardless, look at all the formatting in this post! Cool!

Yard Sale Party = Success

8 May

It’s over! Our Yard Sale Party took place yesterday and it was a slamming success. Here’s how it went:

7:30: Wake up, decide against showering as we’re way too tired, make tea, and start hauling stuff outside into the sunny, but cold morning air

7:45: Our neighbour comes over, and asks immediately about the camera. The camera that BFF had actually told me she’d like to buy, but I put on the signs anyway, thinking it would draw a bigger crowd.

7:50: Our neighbour is a swindler. He bargains with me on some of my American Apparel clothes for his teenaged daughter. She comes over and borrows them to go try them on. They fit, they buy, it’s great. he also buys BFF old camera, and some items from our 50 cents bin. First $25 is made.

8:30: Other neighbour comes over from across the road. We end up meeting about four or five different neighbours, which is really great. They all talk to us about how badly we need to go visit the Wychwood Barns. We will, we promise. They also have  a Facebook group, which we were invited to join.

8:35: We get hungry. He treks down to Tim Horton’s to grab us all breakfast, which is really nice. We get chocolate milk, and it’s awesome.

9:23: A little neighbour kid comes over and is gaga over the Salt N’ Pepper shakers. He says he’s been wanting these forever.

9:55: A couple comes over who just moved in across the other side of St. Clair yesterday. They have two really cute little boys, about 2.5 years and 2 months. I tell them I babysit and she gets my number. $weet. She also buys a bunch of my clothes.

10:12: We crank the tunes.

10:30: We realize how early we woke up and recognize that any other Saturday, we would just be waking up now.

11:24: I sell my stereo speakers to a really nice old man who chats with us for about 15 minutes.

1:25: A friend of mine from Humber drops by, a friend of His from high school, and a friend of mine from Queen’s. Great stuff.

2:00: We decide to fold up shop and take the rest of the stuff to the Goodwill down the street.

And that was that. very successful day. Combined, BFF and I made over $300. Then she gave Him and I massages which was pretty cool. She’s actually really good, and charges way less than the Dove Spa I normally go to. And it’s 90 per cent deductible on both our health plans, so it’s all plus-plus.

Here’s what sold that I can remember:

  • Stereo speakes
  • About 50 per cent of all my clothes – SO HAPPY
  • CD’s
  • Baseball cards (kids loved those damn things)
  • Books
  • 50 cent junk treasures
  • Purses
  • Scarves
  • Expresso machine
  • Expensive rainboots
  • Earring frames
  • DVD’s
  • Salt and Pepper shakers

Yard Sale Party!

6 May

Whoop whoop! It’s Friday! I know – I’m thrilled too. It’s been a bit of a crazy week at work, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

Oh WAIT. I can’t sleep in… we’re having our garage sale tomorrow.

 Yard Sale Party!

 That’s right – we’re getting rid of all the junk we used to want but no longer want and now want money instead of it. Actually, I think it’s going to be totally fun, as long as the weather is nice to us.

Here is why it will be fun for me:

1)      BFF is coming up tonight to help out tomorrow and sell some shiz

2)      I really like haggling over prices

3)      We can meet some of our neighbours

4)      It’s something out of the norm

More importantly, here is why it will be fun for you:

1)      We will have happening tunes playing for your enjoyment

2)      We’ll be selling bevies for your refreshment

3)      BFF is a registered massage therapist, and you can get a massage after your shop that is deductible on most health plans

4)      We have some great stuff that we don’t want, but maybe you do

Here are some of the really cool things we are selling:

1)      A TV once owned by our good friend Andrew Botros. It works great, we just don’t need it

2)      A brand-new camera that we bought right before we won one from Virgin Radio. It’s a Nikon CoolPix and is really good quality

3)      Some un-worn American Apparel clothes from when I worked there that I bought and never wore

4)      Two HP printers, one used, one still in it’s original packaging, unwrapped

5)      Awesome stereo speakers

6)      Books, cds, dvds, X-Box games, all kinds of good stuff!

7)      Hand-made earring frames

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll be live tweeting the event with the hashtag #yardsale party from @mulliganl and @shann_mitchell because isn’t that what everyone does these days? So come one, come all, to ourplace tomorrow anytime after 8 a.m. We’ll be there.

Hockey Time In Canada

27 Apr


I can’t believe the first round of hockey is almost over and we haven’t mentioned the Playoffs! Man, we are terrible hockey fans. Actually, it’s just Him that’s a terrible hockey fan. Yup – he doesn’t even dig it. It’s all “soccer this” and “Cleveland Browns that.” I’m the hockey fan in the house. And these boys are my babies:

Mike Komisarek #8 of the Montreal Canadiens celebrates his goal against the Boston Bruins with teammates Christopher Higgins #21, Saku Koivu #11 and Andrei Markov #79 during Game Seven of the 2008 NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at the Bell Centre April 21, 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I’m a huge Montreal fan. In fact, I used to think I was born in Montreal, because we loved them so much at home. To my disapointment, I wasn’t.

I grew up loving Montreal – Patrick Roy was my best friend. At one point in time, I could list almost every single player on the Montreal Canadiens ’92-’93 team. But alas, I grew up, and discovered I was a girl, so you know, I played with Barbies and shiz.

Anyway, my family has always done a hockey pool. None of the fancy player picking kind of stuff – just straight up brackets.  Here are our picks:

Detroit Red Wings over Phoenix Coyotes

San José Sharks over Los Angeles Kings
Vancouver Canucks over Chicago Blackhawks
Nashville Predators over Anaheim Ducks
Boston Bruins over Montreal Canadiens (blasphemy)
Philadelphia Flyers over Buffalo Sabres
Pittsburgh Penguins over Tampa Bay Lightning
Washington Capitals over New York Rangers

Detroit Red Wings over Phoenix Coyotes

San José Sharks over Los Angeles Kings
Vancouver Canucks over Chicago Blackhawks
Anaheim Ducks over Nashville Predators
Montreal Canadiens over Boston Bruins
Buffalo Sabres over Philadelphia Flyers
Tampa Bay Lightning over Pittsburgh Penguins
Washington Capitals over New York Rangers

I am so, so thrilled Montreal won last night. Seriously, that game was so intense! I have never seen hockey players skate that fast. I even stayed late at work so I could watch part of the game on TV, since we don’t have cable. Oh man though, my heart was in my throat. I bet heart attacks increase in frequency during the playoffs. Maybe He could do an economics study on it or something.

I’m really nervous for tonight. If you have a TV and want to invite me over for the game, just let me know – otherwise, follow my sporadic and nerve-wracked tweets – @shann_mitchell – and don’t forget to hashtag! #gohabsgo.

Him & Her want to know – who do you think will win in the game tonight?

Review: Hanna

21 Apr

Before I saw the trailer for this movie, I had heard good things. I was therefore really excited to find out that Turn The Record Over was having a contest with the prize being none other than this soundtrack on vinyl. Man – it couldn’t get sweet. I’d heard the Chemical Brothers rocked this one and we’re trying to expand our vinyl collection. Amazingly, I won!

It came in the mail on Friday; the perfect start to the weekend. I put it on to play while I started making dinner and it provided a great soundtrack. All the tracks are pretty mellow in that they’re instrumental, but some can be pretty intense. I thought that it would be make cool dinner party music – a bit out of the norm and a good conversation starter, but nothing that would overpower the conversation, you know?

I think the best part about the record came to me by surprise, and that was when I actually opened it up. Our parents got to experience this all the time, but it hit me that I’d never actually opened a new record. Used, borrowed, given to me by my parents… but never new. I can now totally see the appeal that came with getting a new record and taking it home, lighting up a candle/incense/what have you and vibing to it. It was neat to take it out of the paper and I’m justing saying, if you’ve never opened a new record… it’s a cool sensation that can’t be beat by cracking open an mp3.

Anyway, I was super pleased. I still have to listen to it a lot more to get a good feel for the songs, but I like what I’m hearing so far, and He was equally digging it.

Here’s the trailer to Hanna – if you’ve seen it, let us know what you think!

10 Reasons Why Nintendo (and other video games) Are Good For Your Relationship

17 Mar
  1. Competition is healthy
  2. Easy Halloween costumes as Mario & Luigi
  3. You’ll always have something to talk about
  4. In single player games, one person can massage the other while it’s not their turn
  5. You learn what’s really important to each other (getting all the coins or finishing as fast as possible? It’s a metaphor for life, people)
  6. “Oh no! I’m so bad at losing Mario Kart! I need your hands around me to guide me!”
  7. If he/she can take your backseat Nintendo playing and still want to date you, you’ll be lovers for life
  8. Role playing as Princess Peach and Bowser
  9. If your BF can play Grand Theft Auto IV and have sex with those girls and still want to date you, you’re ok. Similarly, if you can handle your BF playing Grand Theft Auto IV and having sex with those girls and you still want to date him, you’re ok
  10. They provide something to do when you don’t want to talk to each other
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