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Thought Of The Day: Body Hair

10 May

Body hair is the weirdest thing. Seriously – give it a think for a little bit. We have it in super weird places on our body, and it’s all totally different!

Here are some questions about body hair:

1. Why is it thick in some places, but thin in others?
2. Why is some body hair smoothy smooth, and other hair coarse and gross?
3. Why do men have moustaches and beards, but not women?
4. Why do some women have beards and moustaches and not notice?
5. How does an eyebrow know when it’s long enough and to stop growing?
6. Why does body hair, like eyebrows, just grow one length for a really long time, and then at other times, like when you get old, grow longer than it used to?
7. What would people look like with no eyebrows?
8. What about no eyelashes?
9. Why is body hair different colours on different parts of the same people?
10. Can you run out of eyelashes?

For once, I actually have an answer to a question. I once asked a good friend of mine, John Palen, if he thought you could run out of eyelashes – if they fell out too much, could you one day have no eyelashes? John, being really old, even though he was in university, and also really cool and wise, told me this. He said that he thought eyelashes were kind of like eyebrows. They grow back, but only to a certain length. It really reassured me. Thanks John Palen, wherever you are.


Thought of the Day: Weird Search Terms

29 Mar

On our little bloggy blog we can see the terms that people plug into Google or Bing or whatever the dude they use, that somehow link to our blog. Some of them make us very curious as to what people are really hoping to find. Here are the most intruiging results:

  1. Is anyone in “We are the City” married
  2. What is the address for What not to Wear
  3. What to wear in February party
  4. Day after party girls photos
  5. All Dressed Ruffles 43 g
  6. I had a dream about a red lobster
  7. Reasons why video games are good
  8. Babysitting shark (this has now been searched for 4 times)
  9. Crazy drunks in Cuba
  10. Erotic steak photo

Thought of the Day: Alien Questions

22 Mar

Aliens – who isn’t interested in these guys? In fact, I was once so interested in them, that in Grade 12 I threw an Alien Party. No humans allowed. My grandma was in Florida at the time and I had been watering her plants, so we threw the party there. We had all alien food (Jell-o with fruit in it) called Alien Surprise, all alien movies (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey), and all alien music (B-52’s). It was the best. We turned all the lights out and one person hid in the bathroom while we all hid in the house, then that person had to go walking around in the dark with a bunch of people hiding. It was totally scary. I was also really cool in high school, in case this isn’t clear.

But let’s get back to the subject at hand here. Aliens. Like ghosts, I have a lot of questions about aliens. Not your typical crop-circles, ‘are they out there’ kind of questions, but questions nonetheless. Here are some of them:

  1. Do aliens have private parts? In cartoons and stuff it doesn’t look like they do. Maybe they just look different from ours.
  2. Do aliens date, or do they mate? Are they more like humans, or animals? Come to think of it, do animals go on dates?
  3. Why do we generalize all aliens as one type of being?
  4. If aliens did come to Earth, what would they think of it?
  5. Do aliens of one species – for example, like we’re all humans – have different races, like we do? If so, how will we be able to tell that they all come from the same planet?
  6. Will aliens be the same size as us? What if they’re really huge? How will we communicate? What if they’re really tiny, and we’ve already been walking all over them on the moon and stuff, and rolling over them with our Mars landers and stuff?
  7. Will aliens be more animal like or more human like? What if they have to live under water?
  8. Can aliens fly?
  9. Will aliens hate us?
  10. What kind of food do aliens eat?

Thought of the Day: Ghost Questions

20 Mar

I really liked writing about shark facts. The point is, sharks are just impressively awesome, and they deserve to have a blog post, if not several, written about them.

But sharks got me thinking about something I’ve been thinking about for awhile.


Sharks are to cool as ghosts are to interesting. Which is why I’ve decided to share with you my top ghost questions:

  1. If a person is pregnant when they die, and they turn into a ghost (obvi), do they give birth to a baby ghost?
  2. Can ghosts get married?
  3. Can ghosts get divorced?
  4. Is there a separate ghost world, where ghosts go through mid-life (for lack of a better term) crisises’s?
  5. Can you choose to become a ghost?
  6. At what point do ghosts move on? What if your “unfinished business” is something like “My soul won’t rest until every person in the world is full” – are you honestly just hanging around?
  7. What do ghosts do when they’re not haunting people?
  8. How long does time feel like to ghosts?
  9. If ghosts can fly, or kind of hover, can they go to space?
  10. If the answer to #9 is yes, is that what aliens are? Just ghosts who have hovered really high?

And now, some ghost pictures:

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